Best International Christian Dating Sites

Best International Christian Dating Sites

Best International Christian Dating Sites

#1 Christian Filipina


#3Christian Mingle

#4 Christian Cafe


#6 Silver Singles

#7 Christian Crush

#9 Christian Cupid

#9 Marry Well

# 10 Christian Connection

We all have heard the age-old saying that there are plenty of fish in the sea. Yet, despite the rise of Tinder and similar online dating apps and websites, the dating game does not seem to get any easier.

Today, swiping is prioritized over a genuine connection, and for Christian singles all around the world, who are seeking something more trustworthy and in line with their faith, online dating can quickly become overwhelming or altogether unapproachable. Fortunately, there is a world of quality Christian dating sites that can make the search for love convenient and worthwhile.

From classic sites that are veterans of online dating for almost twenty years to newer faith-based sites to even quick, instant matches, we have gathered a list below of some of the best Christian dating sites that focus on your faith and values to help you navigate the murky waters of online dating.

#1 Christian Filipina

Our first pick is Christian Filipina. Founded in 2009 by a married American and Filipina couple, Christian Filipina is an award-winning dating website that provides a friendly, conservative and honest environment for people with compatible Christian values to meet.

This international Christian dating site is the number one place to meet Filipino men and women with sincere Christian principles, and members come from a variety of English-speaking countries with the majority being from the Philippines, Asia, United States, Canada, and Australia.

Christian Filipina offers members affordable prices, privileges, and the comfort of being in a community of fellow believers. Their powerful matching options ensure you can easily find someone compatible with you. An internal mail messaging system allows you to email other members anonymously, which means your real email address or additional personal information remains confidential.

You can send “winks” to express interest or save a profile for revisiting later on. You are even free to ban people if you like. There are also a plethora of audio, video and text chat options that are available to free and platinum users and are entirely within the safety of the site.

What puts Christian Filipina up at the top of the list is its extensive, industry-leading security protocols. Each new member application and profile is thoroughly reviewed by the Christian Filipina team. There is automatic monitoring of any suspicious or inappropriate messages, and they have certified PCI compliant credit card processing. This dating site eliminates as many dating scam problems to avoid drawing away from a safe and comfortable dating experience.

With ten years of experience, Christian Filipina boasts a healthy membership. According to their surveys, more than 500,000 men and women joined since 2009 and about 4,500 new members join each week. They have different membership levels starting with free membership, silver, platinum, and unlimited. There are also discounts available for military, missionaries, pastors and students. Christian Filipina offers an international dating experience alongside prioritizing your faith, safety, and comfort.

#2 eHarmony

Founded in 2000, eHarmony is a veteran name in the online dating world. Dr. Neil Clark, eHarmony’s CEO and founder and former clinical psychologist and marriage counselor, created eHarmony on the belief that compatibility was the key to more fulfilling relationships. Three years of research went into his discovery of the characteristics that could predict compatibility, which became known as the 29 Dimensions of Compatibility.

eHarmony brings singles closer to finding the one by using these characteristics to narrow down the world of dating details to a personalized list of meaningful introductions. As the site has grown, the model has also been continuously updated to stay relevant to new members.

So How Does The eHarmony Methodology Work?

  1. First, after you sign up, you answer basic questions about yourself, so they can start narrowing down the pool of people who match your criteria.
  2. Second, you will be asked to complete compatibility-questions to narrow further down your connections based on critical areas of personality.
  3. Then, you review the profiles of everyone the site has selected for you.
  4. Lastly, you get to pick a membership plan that works for you and are free to start communication at your own pace.

The registration questionnaire might seem extensive and lengthy. However, with more than ten years of working proof and the constant need to refine details as new members join the site, you can be certain that eHarmony has a more than the decent understanding of what can make a lasting relationship.

The profile and communication styles on eHarmony are incredibly personalized. Members only get to see their potentially good matches. In a way, this seems to narrow the user’s chances or even limit them, but in reality, this highlights eHarmony as a dating site that emphasizes quality over quantity.

It might not churn out immediate matches, but it does teach members how to build lasting relationships. Also, users can review more information about another user before engaging in communication, and profiles are designed like personal web pages, making them visually pleasing and reflective of a member’s personality.

While eHarmony is not an exclusively Christian website, it is a mainstream website that caters to millions of people of all ages, ethnicities, nationalities and religious and political beliefs. Thus, it is possible to narrow down your options to those with a Christian background. Additionally, eHarmony is available in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, the Netherlands, Italy, and Germany.

eHarmony is one of the big names in online dating, and it is obvious why that is. Rigorous scientific research makes this one of the most excellent compatibility sites that stick to the heart of a person’s personality and allow members to form deeper connections with one another.

#3 Christian Mingle

Our next dating site is Christian Mingle. Launched in 2001, Christian Mingle is a leading Christian dating site geared towards helping Christian men and women find a God-centered relationship that is built on shared faith and values. With more robust profiles, personalization, and communication features, Christian Mingle emphasizes what is meaningful to you and uses it to find meaningful matches.

Signing-up is very simple and straightforward. You can quickly sign up using Facebook or email. All new members fill up a form with basic personal information along with six pictures. Afterward, unlike eHarmony and many other dating websites, there are no personality quizzes to take. Christian Mingle prides itself on not getting bogged down in the details. Instead, they ask concise questions based on commitment, religious beliefs, and family. They want to get to the core of your personality by asking questions relevant to your faith.

The communication features are just as straightforward and simple to use. With a membership, you receive daily suggested matches. You also have the option to do a more independent search, to filter your searches, and to browse other members profiles. You can also send and receive messages unless you are a free user. The ability to personalize your communication levels allows members to make deeper connections.

As Christian Mingle boasts 16 million members, it ensures every member of the site is verified and legitimate. On most occasions, fake profiles are deleted in a few minutes. Christian Mingle also maintains a strong presence in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and the United States.

However, the platform is expanding into Europe, specifically France, Germany, Spain, Russia, and Poland. Though no matter how wide the range of members will go, Christian Mingle continues to have its utilitarian and straight-to-the-point mindset, making sure to match people at core similarities that will lay the foundation for a strong relationship.

Here are the membership fees for Christian Mingle:

  1. Monthly: $29.99
  2. months: $50.97
  3. Six months: $83.94

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#4 Christian Cafe

Moving on, Christian Cafe has been around the dating game as long as eHarmony, if not longer. This Christian-based dating site has been connecting Christian singles of all ages from all around the glove since 1999. It is a proudly Christian owned and operated a the business that not only offers dating opportunities but also offers fellowship and the chance to seek support and advice from other members.

Christian Cafe is a great niche dating site because it strives to be a true Christian Community. True, it prioritizes Christian singles and relationships, but there are also prayer and discussion forums to allow members to talk about more than just Christian dating. Moreover, they do cater to other denominations of Christianity as well.

This particular Christian dating site is not free to use. It has a 7-day free trial where you can create a profile and instantly connect with thousands of other Christian singles. You can email other members, send winks, converse via instant messaging, and read and post to discussion forums for free. However, you are not free to exchange personal information.

If you do happen to continue the membership with Christian Cafe, the site, as any other paid dating site does, will match you off with others that you are compatible with based on your profile information. However, there is also a more independent option with multiple search and discovery options as well as advanced search options and user forums where you can input whatever specific information you are looking for.

Overall, this dating platform is cleanly designed and straightforward. While the site has an overall commitment to Christian values, its average of 196,000 visitors a month, its variety of members and matches worldwide, and its multiple ways to personalize your search makes the world of Christian singles seem not so big and out of your contr.

Here are the Christian Cafe Membership prices:

  1. Six months: $109.97 (61 cents a day)
  2. Three months: $69.97 (77 Cents a day)
  3. One month: $44.97 (1.50 a day)
  4. Two weeks $34.97 (2.50 a day)

Remember, the longer the membership plan, the cheaper you pay per day. Check current prices.


Established in 1995, is also a household name in the online dating industry. As a significant pioneer in online dating, this dating site serves 24 countries and territories around the world. Also, the websites feature 15 different language translations. Like eHarmony, years in the market has taught this site more about what people want and the tools they need to find a long-lasting relationship. has a straightforward mission: to help singles find precisely the right kind of relationship for themselves. How do they fulfill this? Through their profiles, members show off their personality through various free writing sections. They can select match preferences to distinguish what they are looking for. Members can also share up to 26 photos and browse through other member’s photos. It is a little less scientific in its approach than eHarmony, but still emphasizes compatibility through individual traits.

Security and privacy are also taken very seriously. All communication is conducted through an anonymous email network, so no names or personal contact information is shared until the member personally decides to share the information. Customer Care screens every photo and profile that is submitted to the website. They also provide safety advice for their members to ensure they are making safe decisions on an off line.

Again, is not a Christian niche dating site. However, they do have a great understanding incorporating international options on their site. As in, understands that the way people meet, interact and conduct dating or courtship rituals varies all around the world. As such, Match gives several different approaches that are unique to different cultures when it comes to dating. This is particularly helpful considering is available in Australia, North America, Asia, Europe, and South America.

Here are the membership rates:

  1. $20.99/month for twelve months
  2. $23.99/month for six months
  3. $26.99/month for three months

#6 Silver Singles

Silver Singles is a primer dating site for those over 50 and those who admire them. While the name is to appeal to those over 50 the primary membership base is overwhelmingly Christian. The site started in 2002 and has been going strong ever since then. The site matches you based on about 100 questions. What is nice about them is they allow you to see your matches for free.

#7 Christian Crush

Christian Crush is simultaneously a dating site and a marriage ministry. Their goal is to tackle and reduce divorce rates by helping Christian singles connect and provide marriage counseling opportunities to help couples maintain a God-centered relationship.

With an overall wholesome, conservative tone to their website, Christian Crush grounds its methods robust faith and values. Their signup process is straightforward. There is no extra verification step or even the need to upload a photo. However, there is an extensive personality quiz that you should take, but it is not required, and you can still access free membership without having taken the quiz.

Even so, Christian Crush is similar to Christian Mingle in that they also ask very pointed, core questions related to personal values that are telling about a person. On each profile, you will find sections dedicated to: faith history, favorite Bible verse, money philosophy, and life goals. There are also questions relating to denomination, conflict style, love language, and church attendance. Altogether, these questions get at the heart of a person in a quick and accurate assessment.

Overall, Christian Crush is a very approachable site. It is not very feature heavy, but it is decent on the budget side, with the cheapest membership being $14.99 a month.

Here are the membership prices:

  1. $14.99 a month
  2. $34.99 for three months
  3. $49.99 for six months

#8 Christian Cupid

Christian Cupid is a dating site geared towards helping Christian men and women find friends and love. Christian Cupid is a little different from other sites because it is a part of a larger network of 30 niche dating sites called Cupid Media.

Cupid Media was established in 2000 with the commitment to help you find love either locally or internationally. They created a variety of niche dating sites based on ethnicity, religion, physical appearance, special interests, and lifestyle, and as a result, Cupid Media has helped over 30 million people find love from North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

CupidMedia equips its niche dating sites with progressive technology that makes online dating enjoyable. Meanwhile, user-friendly site designs and multilingual interfaces help people overcome some of the most common barrier faced in the pursuit of love.

In three simple steps, Christian Cupid makes finding your perfect match super easy.

  1. First, you create a personalized profile, where you describe your ideal partner and add photos.
  2. Second, you browse photos and find members based on specific filters, like location, special interests, and lifestyles.
  3. Third, start communicating.

With Christian Cupid, you are allowed to select from different denominations and select a degree of “religious value,” as in distinguishing how often you might go to church or how seriously you take your faith. You can specify what kind of relationship you are looking for and boasts enough features that put the power of communication in your hands, such as viewing profiles views, instant messaging or chat, and blocking people. It is on the lower price of things, starting at $25 a month. However, like other paid dating sites, the longer you commit, the less you pay daily.

#9 Marry Well

Marry Well is a fairly new online dating site, but still shows a lot of potential. Created by the editors and writers of Boundless and Focus on the Family, Marry Well is a Christian dating site for more skeptical Christians who are hesitant about the world of online dating. The founders once wrote articles that emphasized the importance of Christian singles being purposeful on their search for a method and now their advice leaps from the page and onto a user-friendly interface.

First and foremost, their primary goal is to get their members to marry well. Unlike other websites, Marry Well does not have a pen pals or friends option. In fact, Marry Well has “member till marriage” track. This means that you retain membership until you marry. Quite a hefty promise, but you have to admire their tenacity.

Marry Well provides very personalized tracks for their members. There are resources that guide them depending on where they are on this journey. If they are just starting to date or preparing for marriage, Marry Well actively walks members through the dating process and sincerely wants their members to engage with exploring the worlds of dating, engagement, and marriage. Members also complete extensive profiles and interact with other members in a strong Christian community.

They have even added the option to add personal references and mentors because it brings a degree of accountability, pitting what a person says about themselves versus how the world experiences them. While Marry Well does not have the numbers to support an international expansion, there is a lot of potential and growth.

Here are Marry Well’s membership rates:

  1. $5.99 for a month
  2. $14.99 for three months

#10 Christian Connection

Our last Christian-based dating site is Christian Connection. This multi-award-winning site is dedicated to matching single Christians in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Christian Connection is run by a small team of Christians in the United Kingdom who follow a clear set of goals.

First, they want to ensure that Christian singles can make genuine connections in a safe and supportive environment. Second, they want to maintain quality service that rivals mainstream sites, and after 19 years on the market, they have several awards and accolades that attest to that. Third, they are open to all traditions of Christianity. They do not make members sign a statement of faith. Rather, they strive to make their site a safe place for everyone’s beliefs.

Christian Connection understands that it is hard enough to find a date but to find a date as a Christian single requires a bit more effort. This online dating site makes it easy to break the ice with a potential match. Simply “wave” at someone and follow it up with a message. Also, you are not alone in this process at all. Should you ever need advice on dating, relationships or faith, Christian Connection has a dedicated, award-winning team at the ready to help you whenever you need it.

Moreover, you can even meet up with other members. Christian Connection holds regular events where you can meet other single Christians. You can discover other local meet ups near you via the online discussion boards or even create your own meetup and discuss stories, advice, and opinions on the Christian, single life. Either way, it is not just you and the computer. Christian Connection encourages you to make those connections beyond the computer screen.

Christian Connection has a platform in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Also, this site is easy to join with several different types of memberships. Free trials allow up to 5 messages a day and an unlimited number of “waves” and last up to three days. You can post on discussion boards and upload photos. You are also free to search and match with people and get free text alerts. Amazingly, you do get more with a fully paid membership.

Christian Connection understands that outside of work and church finding other Christian singles is difficult. With their website, they have a vast and diverse community that creates fellowship and also builds relationships on and off the computer.


As far as anyone can see, there is still no clear-cut path to dating let alone dating as a single Christian. Courtship practices continue to change every day, and it is fortunate that there are quite a few websites out there that will not jeopardize any of your values for dating. If online dating still feels like a shot in the dark, especially if you are seeking like-minded Christians, just remember this:

  1. Find sites with good membership deals. Many of them will decrease in daily payment the longer you commit to a membership.
  2. When in doubt, go with the largest communities or active members. In this way, your pool of options is bigger.
  3. Determine if you want the site to do all the work for you to find matches or if you want to do the search yourself. Some sites will let you do either or both.
  4. Make sure the site you are using has many security measures to protect your personal information and identity.
  5. Check if there is an app for it.

The chance to make deeper connections has been completely stamped out by a world in need of instant satisfaction. With a little bit of work and commitment, dating and love could be far less complicated. So, if you find yourself ready to dive into the world of dating, please consider any of the ones listed in our Best International Christian Dating Site Review.

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