5 Free Things You Actually Need for Your Car

I’m sure you’ve seen a ton of blog posts that say you need to buy a mini convenience store for your car just to be safe. I think we all know why these sites are recommending that you buy so many things for your car in case of an emergency. What you need for your car depends on several factors such as: Where you go, how you drive, how much you drive, the age of your car, your health, and the list goes on and on.

This post will be written for the average person that spends 95% of their time driving in the city or suburbs with a car that is 15 years old or less. The good news is these will be mostly free items!

A Power bank (Check Price)

I know you’re probably thinking why do I need that so long as I have a car charger?  The simple answer is what if your car’s battery dies and so does your cell phone’s? I always recommend in this day in age that  a person keep a mobile power source with them at all times. In the past power banks were big, bulky, and too heavy to comfortably carry around but now they have power banks small enough to fit into your wallet!

An Emergency Blanket (Free)

When it’s cold out and your car stops on you I promise you’ll thank God you have an emergency blanket with you. Regardless of whether you live in California or New York an emergency blanket can save your life. Not to mention this particular blanket retains 90% of your body heat. Whether it’s a for a Sunday picnic or a life or death situation an emergency blanket is a must for every car!

Multi-Purpose Tactical Pen (Free)

If you’re a little bit handy then a tool that can cut, unscrew, help you see in the dark, write down important information, open bottles, defend yourself, and break glass is one of the best things you can have. Best of all this one is free. You’ll feel a lot safer in more ways than one with this tool around.

A Small Flashlight (Free

The practical uses of a flashlight are obvious but did you know a flashlight is also a highly effective self defense device? Read more about that here.  This flashlight, besides being free, also pumps out 300 lumens of light so you’ll have the light you need guaranteed even in the darkest nights.

Jump Starter Kit (Check Price)

Everyone says you need jumper cables. But what if there’s no other cars around to supply the power? No, you need a jump starter kit to supply your own power. Imagine you’re going home from your friend’s party it’s late and you’re kinda inebriated and tired.  You have to take a leak so you pull off to the side of the road and do your business. You turn the key and ‘clack clack!” it won’t start! AAA says the truck won’t arrive for an hour and your friends aren’t answering their phones. You’ll be glad you had this.

Spare Tire and Tire Change Kit 

Male or female you really should learn how to change a tire if you don’t already know how.  Having a spare tire and the tools to change it should be a given but you’d be surprised how many people don’t have one or the donut they have is flat. For the tools all you need is a simple car jack and a lug wrench. I strongly recommend you get lug wrench with multiple heads as you never know the size of the lug nuts that may be on your tire. Check Goodyear’s website for tire prices. They allow you to find the right tire based on your vehicle type, tire size or even your license plate number!

Car First Aid Kit (Check Price)

A first aid kit doesn’t need to be expensive. All you need is something that has some basic tools to clean, disinfect a wound, and stop the bleeding should you ever be injured. The average person isn’t going to know how to set a broken arm or leg anyway so having the tools to do so wouldn’t be practical. A first aid kit shouldn’t cost more than $35.

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