5 Signs Your Filipina Girlfriend is Marriage Material

Is My Filipina Marriage Material or Not?

So you’ve been dating this girl for a few months now and you’re really starting to feel the butterflies in your stomach and you want to know if she is marriage material or not. In this article, I’m going to discuss whether or not your Filipina partner is marriage material. There are, of course, the obvious signs: she’s not easy, she has Jesus in her heart, and she’s a kind person. But I want to go deeper than that and get into some real signs your Filipina is wife material.

She Wants You But Doesn’t Need You

First and foremost you should be looking at if she’s had financial emergencies in which you were required to help. A woman who is serious will not have constant financial emergencies and shouldn’t be asking for money for at least 3 months. I know things happen but when it comes to dating people in The Philippines financial emergencies are a big red flag. Rest assured if she’s having financial emergencies now she’ll continue to have them throughout your time with her.

You want to marry a woman who wants you but doesn’t need you because she’s desperate to get out of poverty. While I make no bones in saying resources will most likely be part of the reason she’s interested in you it shouldn’t be the only or even the most important reason. I do believe all relationships have some sort of transactional value but that doesn’t mean your relationship should be nothing more than a monetary transaction.

She Admires Your Gifts

Sometimes guys come here and think they can buy a person’s love. You can rent a person’s body at a cheap price here but you can never buy a person’s love. A Filipina that really loves you will admire things about you, and I don’t just mean your passport or your wallet either.

Maybe you’re a good cook or a great woodworker, or you’re really good at problem-solving. Whatever it is we all have our gifts and she should admire at least one of them. If she can’t give you any specific attribute about you that she admires and all she can say is ‘oh because you’re so kind to me’, that’s a sign you two are not yet ready for marriage.

In addition to that, she should admire your strengths as a man and not be threatened by them. The Lord has called us as men to be the head of our households. Now some guys misinterpret that to mean you can be a bossy douchebag and expect her to take it. but a mature man understands that a good leader is also a good listener and cares deeply for those he leads.

If she gets offended or balks at the idea of yielding to you then she’s not marriage material. It’s important to note that I mean she must yield only after being consulted first and her point of view being taken seriously. By the way, in the real world, it’s in your best interests to go along with her idea(s) more often than not. 😉

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Ability to Forgive

Ask anyone who has been married for more than 5 years and they’ll tell you one of the most important things to keeping a marriage together is the ability to forgive your spouse. No matter how good of a match you guys are you will undoubtedly make mistakes and so will she. That’s why it’s paramount that you marry a woman with the ability to forgive.

Now, of course, I’m not suggesting that she has to be a doormat who should accept things like infidelity. I’m referring to honest mistakes such as forgetting a birthday or not properly receiving her mother’s blessing when you first met her. I had a buddy who was with this girl and every time they got into an argument she would bring up a long laundry list of all the mistakes he made in the past even though she said she already forgave him.

Which leads me to my next point. If something is forgiven then while it’s not forgotten it most certainly is finished. A woman who can forgive doesn’t bring up those things again and again just to win an argument.

Not Quarrelsome

Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife. Proverbs 25:24

A woman that likes to argue is bad news, period. I don’t care how pretty she is, how rich she is, or even how Christian she is. A woman who likes to argue will make your life a living hell. You see people, both men, and women, who like to argue do it because they love the drama. They crave it and they need it to feel validated.

People that like to argue are also people who think they’re always right and are usually the smartest person in the room. This goes back to the respect that I talked about before. Someone that always argues with you doesn’t respect you. They’re so self-centered that they literally cannot see that someone having a different perspective than them isn’t wrong.  Stay away from women who like to argue. 

She Shares Your Values

Do not plow with an ox and a donkey yoked together. Deuteronomy 22:10

This is by far the most important factor to determine if your Filipina is marriage material or not.  If your partner doesn’t share your values, for example, she’s a spender and you’re a saver or your faith is important to you but she’s a holiday Christian, then your marriage probably won’t last long.  Finding a wife who shares your values is more important than finding a beautiful woman or even an intelligent woman.

The Bible tells us to be equally yoked. Now that verse is referring to believers and nonbelievers but it can also be interpreted to emphasize the importance of finding a woman who has the same fundamental values as you, and not just your faith.

A Loving Filipina Partner is The Best Partner You’ll Ever Have

A Filipina that truly loves you will make you experience love in a way that you’ve never experienced in your entire life. She’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy and hopefully, you’ll do the same for her. I have a buddy that is a techie and got a good wife from The Philippines. He told me he’ll never forget one day when he tried to go out to go to the store but his girlfriend wouldn’t let him go because his shirt was wrinkled. She didn’t want her lover to be seen in clothes that weren’t ironed. She made him give her his shirt and she ironed it and then let him go out. That was when he knew she was the right one to be his wife.

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