5 Tips to Never Lose Your House Keys Again

It’s Monday morning you’re already late for work and you’re just about to run out the door when you realize that you don’t have your car keys. Yikes! You turn your house apart and you still can’t find them. After 25 minutes of searching you finally find them…in the dirty laundry basket.

Has this ever happened to you? Here are my 5 tips to make sure you never lose your keys again.

1. Create a designated spot for your keys, wallet, etc. in your house.

While some families prefer to use something like a shelf, or a set of key hooks, you can also use a stylish bowl to hold all of your commonly accessed items like your wallet and keys. This is really great for big families too, because everyone’s keys are in one place. My keys always go in a basket next to the door no matter what.

2. Keep your keys in your pocket if possible.

Personally, I keep my keys in my pocket. If they’re not in the basket they’re in my pocket.  I’ve been doing this for so long that something will feel off if I don’t have my keys with me. If this option doesn’t feel practical to you, you can also try to get in the habit of checking to see if you have your keys before you leave places like restaurants and bars. A key chain that connects to your belt loop or bag is also really helpful for this, so that you don’t have to go searching at the bottom of your purse each time you look for them.

5. Buy an electronic item tracker.

Many new devices are being made especially for this purpose. For example, you can purchase a device that goes on your key ring and allows you to locate your keys by using an app on your phone. Electronic locating devices like this should probably be used last, however, as it costs a lot for such a small device. Many people find it extremely useful though.

4. Get a Scream Whistle

The orange spot is my keys

Instead of spending $20+ I just use a bright orange whistle on my keys. It’s simple and it works. The bright orange color makes my keys visible no matter where they are.  It’s also a great self defense tool. I once saw a video on the Today Show™ where a mugger said a potential blew her whistle and it made him run away. Here’s a coupon for one you can get free. 

5. Okay still working on that. After I got the whistle for me, my mom, and grandma I’ve never lost my keys again…


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