A REAL ForeignGirlFriend Review 2019

A REAL ForeignGirlFriend Review 2019

Many men choose to go with international dating for various reasons including: wanting a woman that has traditional values and the exotic attractiveness of many women abroad. While this is a great way to find your soul mate one must exercise caution when dating abroad. Just remember many of these girls are simply looking for a green card and nothing more.

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There are many international dating sites out there for you to choose from and the right one depends on what you are looking for. On this site I mostly focus on dating Asian women so my review will be from that perspective. Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty about this site.

A REAL ForeignGirlfriend.Com Review

Foreigngirlfriend.com is an international dating site specializing in Eastern European women and has recently expanded into the Asian market. It has a unique fee structure and claims to be scam free. In my ForeignGirlfriend review I will go over the pros and cons of this site to help you make an informed decision.

ForeignGirlfriend.com Costs

This is actually something I really like about this site. Unlike traditional sites that require a monthly subscription fee foreigngirlfriend.com uses a pay-per-use model. Specifically you buy credits and each action costs a certain amount of credits. Think of it like buying tokens at the arcade back in the 80’s. The reason this model appeals to me is because you don’t have to worry about your card being charged every month and you pay for what you use. It’s a great way to just dip your feet in the water without having to take a big uncomfortable plunge in the pool.

Actions such as reading or sending letters, watching videos, live chat, virtual gifts and pretty much anything on the site will require credits. As of this writing credits costs range from 50 cents per credit for 40 credits, all the way to 26 cents per credit for a package of one thousand credits. Of course the more credits you buy the cheaper they get. Check current pricing.

ForeignGirlfriend Sign Up

The signup is pretty straightforward. You simple go to the site and create a profile. The site also gives you a cool option to just import your profile data from Facebook meaning you can create a profile within seconds.

ForeignGirlfriend Search

The search option is pretty straightforward as well. You go to the site set up a profile and you may enter your search criteria. You can search for free but some profiles are restricted until you buy credits. One thing that makes this site unique is the DateCast option. It’s basically an instant chat broadcast that goes out to all the ladies of the site. This is a great way to facilitate quick communication. They also offer great video chat options where you can get to know your potential girlfriend in a more intimate way.

Another thing is almost as soon as you import your Facebook data you can start looking for girls right away. You don’t have to go through a long process to complete your profile to browse the site.

Talking to The Girls

They offer several methods of communication including video chat, instant messaging, winks, and sending flowers. Sending flowers is actually kinda cool. It allows you to show a girl that you’re interested without thinking of what to say. It also shows her that you’re willing to put effort into it since flowers cost 20 credits for a bouquet to send. Be careful though, sending too many of these can eat up your credits really quickly.  You may also send and receive winks.

When communicating with these girls please understand that their English may not be the best and they may be shy to talk to you. This is another good reason sending flowers is a good idea to break the ice. After sending flowers couple it with a nice short, but not too short, message. Something like “Hi I’m Jake from the States. I saw your profile. I notice you’re into volleyball. That’s great! That’s my daughter’s favorite sport.” This is short, easy to understand, and also conveys to her that you’ve actually read her profile!

Is ForeignGirlfriend a Scam?

The profiles are real. Sometimes when guys don’t get the results they want they automatically blame the site. To be fair sometimes their marketing techniques do give the impression that they can just enter their credit card and the girl of their dreams will appear in their inbox.

The truth is the reality is different. International romance takes work. It’s not for people who are lazy and it’s not for people who think foreigners are inferior. If you’re looking for a true relationship then you have to put in the effort to woo a girl just like you would back home. While it will be easier you still will have to make that effort. That is if you don’t just want a prostitute who will extract all of your financial resources.

Is ForeignGirlfriend Good for Finding Asian Women?

They have recently expanded into the Asian market which means that they won’t be as big as Filipino Cupid or Christian Filipina. But they do have a decent amount of girls from The Philippines. That being said if you are truly looking for a woman of faith for marriage in The Philippines my first choice is still Christian Filipina. You can read my review of them to see why. In short the amount of work they do to keep you safe from scammers is amazing plus the human matchmaking services they offer are the best I’ve seen out there.

The Long and Short of It

If you are interested in a site where age is just a number and you can find beautiful women who will accept you for what you are and as you are then this is a good option for you. My favorite part is the no-commitment pricing structure. It’s not a perfect site as their Asian selection is still limited but their Eastern European selection is fantastic. Overall due to their awesome pricing structure I can highly recommend trying this site out.

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