A REAL Survival Frog Micro Scream Whistle Review

A REAL Survival Frog Micro Scream Whistle Review

I was looking for an inexpensive and effective self defense tool and I found it with the micro scream whistle by survival frog. That’s why I am reviewing it today for you. It’s a solidly constructed whistle that has no pea, works, and is very loud. I got one for my mom, sister, and grandma. An added bonus is that because it’s orange and comes with a key ring it makes it more difficult to lose your keys as well!

Here are my keys taken with a cheap crappy low light cell phone camera. As you can see the whistle makes my keys stand out like a sore thumb.

Is a scream whistle really a good self defense tool?

Most certainly yes! I saw a video on the Today Show where a convicted serial mugger said that he was about to a mug a woman but she blew a whistle causing him to run away. Most attackers want the element of surprise and don’t want a lot of attention drawn to themselves. This whistle is over 100 decibels which will indeed draw a lot of attention!

Here is someone blowing the whistle to demonstate loud it is:

  • Unlike a gun or a knife the scream whistle can be taken anywhere including on an airplane. My mother flew to Miami cross country with the scream whistle on her keys and had absolutely no problem with the TSA.
  • Because of the key ring the scream whistle is most likely always going to be with you in a convenient easy to reach location such as your pocket, unlike pepper spray. No everyday carry self defense weapon is going to be of any use to you if you can’t get to it in a split second in an emergency.
  • Unlike other self defense weapons the scream whistle is unlikely to be taken from you and used against you. I read a story of how a rapist used a woman’s own pepper spray against her.

What are some other uses for the Micro Scream Whistle?

Key loss prevention. Instead of spending $20+ I just use a bright orange whistle on my keys. It’s simple and it works. The bright orange color makes my keys visible no matter where they are.  It’s also a great self defense tool. I once saw a video on the Today Show™ where a mugger said a potential victim blew her whistle and it made him run away.

Stop animal attacks. Imagine you’re doing your morning walk when a vicious dog approaches you. This whistle is so loud it’s enough to be unbearable to an animal with superior hearing like a dog. One woman used it to stop a mountain lion from attacking her.

Dealing with kids. We all know how loud a group of unruly children can be. This whistle will be enough to trump over even the loudest most rambunctious youngsters.

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