A REAL Ape Survival Strike Pen Review–Is it Really Free?

The Strike Pen by Ape Survival- Strike Pen Review

For those who do not know what a strike pen is, it is a tactical weapon that is designed to look and function as a pen but it can also be used as a defense weapon and multi-use tool. Lightweight and powerful, these pens are used by security agents of all levels including special forces, military personnel, secret service among others.

Strike Pen Instructions

Here’s how you would use the ape survival tactical pen in case of an emergency:

Do I really need a tactical pen?

Watch this video:

Strike Pen Features

The strike pen is truly a unique multi-use tool that anyone could use. I myself was amazed by the versatility of this little thing. With the strike pen you get:

A screw driver

A can opener

A mini flash light

A glass breaker

A mini hex wrench

A knife blade (although not the sharpest)

Of course a pen

You even get an extra ink cartridge all wrapped up into one stolid aluminum pen package!  What’s even more amazing is the price. This tactical pen is currently free–just pay for shipping.


  • This kind of tactical pen with luxurious design, made of aircraft aluminum alloy, in general, 6,4 “DIA: 0,59” Weight 3.9oz
  • While a regular pen would bend or break if they are used in the security scenario for a tactical pen for hard use.
  • The best thing about the tactical pen is that you “can keep it with you at all times.
  • This is a high-quality product that will not fail you need it when you most.
  • The Strike pen is inexpensive and could save your life when attacked.
  • It has a full range of features make it ideal to save someone’s life.
  • The flashlight was pretty powerful given the price


  • The Strikepen is not available in stores or stores. You can buy this tactical pen online only.
  • The blade was not as sharp as I would’ve liked to have seen


The bottom line is this: The StrikePen is the best tool to get and the best price. I’ve never seen such a versatile multi-use tool in my life. Don’t let its small size fool you. This tactical pen is full of uses for men and women looking to be prepared for either an attack, camping, or if something needs to be fixed on the fly! That being said I don’t like how it’s advertised as ‘free’ when it’s not. They say it’s ‘free’ but you have to pay $10 for shipping…come on I wasn’t born yesterday. However, for the amount of value you get $10 isn’t bad.




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    I used to buy your products, knives mostly. I bought a new phone and I have not received any “deals” for any future knives. I would love to get your text again or emails.

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