American Teacher Attacked By English Center Owner in Vietnam

I had one of the scariest moments of my entire life yesterday in Vietnam. I was teaching at Young Talent English Center in Dong Xoai City. I really loved my students but my bosses not so much. The school is run by a husband a wife Mr. Thanh and Mr. Hong.

Owners of Young Talent English Center Don’t Keep Their Word

Me in the center, to my right Marvin Contapay, to the far right Thanh Nguyen, the bottom center Hong Chu

They Overpromised here’s the agreement vs what actually happened.

The original agreement:

  • $19USD (418,000vnd) per hour
  • 1 Million Per month housing support
  • I pay for the medical exam
  • A house to live in
  • They pay for all legal expenses such as work permit, translation of documents into Vietnamese, photographs, etc
  • A motorbike to use to get to and from work

What actually happened

  • I held up my end always arriving early and prepared for class
  • They refused to make the agreement in writing
  • They deducted money from my salary to pay for the work permit
  • Ms. Hong wanted me to pay for the photos
  • They kept taking the good motorbike back
  • They purchased a junk motorbike and expected me to pay to repairs
  • They expected me to be on call ready and willing to teach at any moment despite only being part time
  • The housing never materialized
  • They didn’t pay for the final two hours of teaching nor the pro-rated housing support

You see we had an agreement that they would cover all my legal employment expenses (work permit, translation of documents into Vietnamese, photos, etc) except for the medical exam. They also agreed to provide housing and a motorbike to use since there is no public transportation in the countryside.

I faithfully held up my end of the bargain. I always arrived to work early and prepared for classes. However, they didn’t treat me the same way. There was always something extra. First, they told me I had to pay $30 for some extra fee because I had been in Vietnam for less than 6 months. I wasn’t happy with that breach and I expressed that to them.

However, even though they were wrong I apologized anyway and agreed to pay it just to keep the peace.  What’s worse is the wife had the nerve to act salty even after I apologized even though I hadn’t done anything wrong. Then when we went to take pictures for my documents I could tell Ms. Hong wanted me to pay even though she was supposed to. There were other little things like this that kept popping up. The housing never materialized so I still didn’t have a permanent place to live. They didn’t discuss the scheduling with me. They expected me to be available any time at any day even though I was only part-time. Ms. Hong even sent out message to the group chat stating that they didn’t have to discuss the teacher’s schedules with anyone.

Then there were constant issues with use of the motorbike. They would give it to me but then kept taking it back. Finally, they told me I could keep the motorbike until they bought another bigger one for me to use.  Well, it didn’t work out that way. I got a call a few days later saying that they sold the motorbike and they were taking it away. I wasn’t happy but they assured me the ‘new’ motorbike would be here and just a few days.

The Last Straw

The ‘new’ motorbike arrived and it was a piece of junk. The right turn signal in the back had been knocked off and was hanging by the wires, the brakes were not working properly, the tires were bald, and the key would fall out of the ignition while the motorbike was turned on. I wasn’t happy but even still I decided to hold my tongue and discuss the motorbike with them at a different time.

Then they send a message to the group chat suggesting I take the bike to the shop for repairs without offering to pay the costs. In other words, they were trying to get me to pay to fix their motorbike! I told them no and they said okay but I had enough at this point. I sent them a message making it clear I was not responsible to repair their motorbike. Gas and oil changes I’ll take care of but I’m not going to fix a motorbike that I just got for 2 days. I also told them that they’ve been making a lot of changes to our agreement in their favor and I wasn’t going to take it anymore. If they couldn’t honor our original agreement then we should just part ways.

There was some back and forth but they said I could just pick up my money.

All Hell Broke Loose

I went to pick up my money and as Ms. Hong was about to give it to me Mr. Thahn said no to wait that we needed to talk first. I told him there was nothing to discuss, just give me my money and lets just part ways. He then leaned in and whispered ‘fuck you’ and gave me the middle finger. I shouted ‘fuck you’ back and then he went to his home portion of the center and emerged with some sort of wooden weapon. Another teacher separated us but he kept accosting me. It was then that I decided to record the rest on my phone.

The Owner of Young Talent Attacked Me

The guy is totally nuts. I did get my money but as I was leaving he said ‘I’ll see you tomorrow!’ as in he wanted a second round. I decided to leave Dong Xoai City. the saddest part of this is that I’ll never get to see my students again. I really love teaching and I will miss them.

Pepperball Self Defense Launcher

The Threats

That should’ve been the end of it but they are now sending threats after I uploaded the video to Youtube. They’ve threated to have me thrown in jail and whatnot.  They’ve also made public racial statements about me.


Of course, they had to throw in some racism.

They Hire Questionable Teachers

They have a teacher there, Marvin Contapay. He has been accused several times of being too friendly with the boy students and touching them way too much. The ironic thing is they keep their son away from him yet they still allow him to be alone with young male students.

Young Talent Has Questionable Advertising Practices

They post photos of themselves with foreign white teachers implying that those teachers work there. This is not true. When I was there the only foreign teachers were an African, a black American (me), and two Filipinos. They know that white teachers are marketable but the white teachers refuse to work there.

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4 Signs God is About to Bless You With a Relationship

Are you single and waiting? Here are some signs that God may be about to bless you with a great relationship. While there are no guarantees these are things I’ve seen happen to those who are about to find ‘the one’.

1. You Just Feel It

Sometimes when a big blessing is about to come, we just feel it in our bones. Before I met my financé I had this feeling that someone was going to come into my life really soon. I had that feeling for about a month or so and then I saw his profile on Compatible Partners. As soon I saw him I stopped talking to all the other guys I was talking to and just concentrated everything I had on winning him over.

2. You are Becoming The Person You Want to Date

We all want to get the best partner that we can get but sometimes we expect more from our partners than we do from ourselves. For example, you say you want a good wholesome guy yet you still are watching pornography every night, have Grindr installed on your phone, and go off on someone at the slightest provocation. Those are signs you are not yet ready for God to send you a wholesome partner. However, if you’ve begun working on those things and you’re no longer watching porn all the time or talking to guys who aren’t good for you on Grindr then God may finally bless you with the wholesome partner that you desire.

3. You Are Getting Better at Letting It Be

Letting it be is one of the keys to any relationship succeeding. If you want a spouse and a happy marriage then you need to learn how to communicate, understand, and accept their needs. I’ll just say right off the bat I’ll never understand why a financé feels the need to spend hours watching beauty pageants or to rearrange the furniture every 3-4 months in a room that is already functional. Likewise, he will never understand why I own every episode of every Star Trek series ever made. The key is not to try to understand it the key is to just let it be.

4. You Finally Learn The True Center of A Relationship

One of the big problems in modern relationships is we idolize our partners. In this era of ‘if it feels good do it’ God is often the last thing on our minds. However, we humans were created to worship God and when we take God out of the equation we find something else to worship and idolize. Most often that something is our partners. The reason this is problematic is because if we idolize our partners we are holding them up to an unrealistic standard, that of an idol. And when they do something human we are often crushed. However, when we make GOD the center of our relationships we realize that our partners are still human and will make mistakes. Once we realize that, then God will bless us with a great relationship.

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Top 5 Best Christian Dating Sites for Men

We all have heard the age-old saying that there are plenty of fish in the sea. Yet, despite the rise of Tinder and similar online dating apps and websites, the dating game does not seem to get any easier. If anything more American adults are single than at any time in our history!

The Best Christian Dating Sites for Men Are:

  1. Christian Filipina (Visit Site)
  2. eHarmony (Visit Site)
  3. Christian Mingle (Visit Site)
  4. (Visit Site)

Today, swiping is prioritized over a true connection, and for Christian singles all around the world, who are seeking something more trustworthy and in line with their faith, online dating can easily become overwhelming or altogether unapproachable. Fortunately, there is a world of quality Christian dating sites that can make the search for love convenient and worthwhile.

From classic sites that are veterans of online dating for almost twenty years to newer faith-based sites to even quick, instant matches, we have gathered a list below of some of the best Christian dating sites that focus on your faith and values to help you navigate the murky waters of online dating.

#1 Christian Filipina

Our first pick is Christian Filipina. Founded in 2009 by a married American and Filipina couple, Christian Filipina is an award-winning dating website that provides a friendly, conservative and honest environment for people with compatible Christian values to meet.

This international Christian dating site is the number one place to meet Filipino men and women with sincere Christian principles, and members come from a variety of English-speaking countries with the majority being from the Philippines, Asia, United States, Canada, and Australia.

Christian Filipina offers members affordable prices, privileges, and the comfort of being in a community of fellow believers. Their powerful matching options ensure you can easily find someone that is compatible to you. An internal mail messaging system allows you to email other members anonymously, which means your real email address or other personal information remains confidential.

You can send “winks” to express interest or save a profile to revisit later on. You are even free to ban people if you like. There are also a plethora of audio, video and text chat options that are available to free and platinum users and are completely within the safety of the site.

What puts Christian Filipina up at the top of the list is its extensive, industry-leading security protocols. Each new member application and profile is thoroughly reviewed by the Christian Filipina team. There is automatic monitoring of any suspicious or inappropriate messages, and they have certified PCI compliant credit card processing. This dating site eliminates as many dating scam problems to avoid drawing away from a safe and comfortable dating experience.

With ten years of experience, Christian Filipina boasts a healthy membership. According to their surveys, more than 500,000 men and women joined since 2009 and about 4,500 new members join each week. They have different membership levels starting with free membership, silver, platinum, and unlimited. There are also discounts available for military, missionaries, pastors, and students. Christian Filipina offers an international dating experience alongside prioritizing your faith, safety, and comfort.

#2 eHarmony

Founded in 2000, eHarmony is a veteran name in the online dating world. Dr. Neil Clark, eHarmony’s CEO and founder and former clinical psychologist and marriage counselor, created eHarmony on the belief that compatibility was the key to more fulfilling relationships. Three years of research went into his discovery of the characteristics that could predict compatibility, which became known as the 29 Dimensions of Compatibility.

eHarmony brings singles closer to finding the one by using these characteristics to narrow down the world of dating details to a personalized list of meaningful introductions. As the site has grown, the model has also been continuously updated to stay relevant to new members.

So How Does The eHarmony Methodology Work?

  1. First, after you sign up, you answer basic questions about yourself so they can start narrowing down the pool of people who match your criteria.
  2. Second, you will be asked to complete compatibility-questions to further narrow down your connections based on key areas of personality.
  3. Then, you review the profiles of everyone the site has selected for you.
  4. Lastly, you get to pick a membership plan that works for you and are free to start communication at your own pace.

The registration questionnaire might seem extensive and lengthy. However, with more than ten years of working proof and the constant need to refine details as new members join the site, you can be certain that eHarmony has a more than decent understanding of what can make a lasting relationship.

The profile and communication styles on eHarmony are incredibly personalized. Members only get to see their potentially good matches. In a way, this seems to narrow the user’s chances or even limit them, but in reality, this highlights eHarmony as a dating site that is emphasizes quality over quantity.

It might not churn out immediate matches, but it does teach members how to build lasting relationships. Also, users have the ability to review more information about another user before engaging in communication, and profiles are designed like personal web pages, making them visually pleasing and reflective of a member’s personality.

While eHarmony is not an exclusively Christian website, it is a mainstream website that caters to millions of people of all ages, ethnicities, nationalities and religious and political beliefs. Thus, it is possible to narrow down your options to those with a Christian background. Additionally, eHarmony is available in the U.S., Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, the Netherlands, Italy, and Germany.

eHarmony is one of the big names in online dating, and it is very clear why that is. Rigorous scientific research makes this one of the finest compatibility sites that sticks to the heart of a person’s personality and allow members to form deeper connections with one another.

#5 Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle is the world’s largest Christian Dating site boasting over 16 million members worldwide. One thing I really like about this site is how easy it is to set-up a profile. With one click you can import your Facebook data, answer four questions, and your bam you’re ready to go. No credit card required to view your matches.  Their pricing varies depending upon the plan you choose.

#4 Christian Cafe

Moving on, Christian Cafe has been around the dating game as long as eHarmony, if not longer. This Christian-based dating site has been connecting Christian singles of all ages from all around the glove since 1999. It is a proudly Christian owned and operated business that not only offers dating opportunities but also offers fellowship and the chance to seek support and advice from other members.

Christian Cafe is a great niche dating site because it strives to be a true Christian Community. True, it prioritizes Christian singles and relationships, but there are also prayer and discussion forums to allow members to talk about more than just Christian dating. Moreover, they do cater to other denominations of Christianity as well.

This particular Christian dating site is not free to use. It has a 7-day free trial where you can create a profile and instantly connect with thousands of other Christian singles. You can email other members, send winks, converse via instant messaging, and read and post to discussion forums for free. However, you are not free to exchange personal information.

If you do happen to continue the membership with Christian Cafe, the site, as any other paid dating site does, will match you off with others that you are compatible with based on your profile information. However, there is also a more independent option with multiple search and discovery options as well as advanced search options and user forums where you can input whatever specific information you are looking for.

Overall, this dating platform is cleanly designed and straightforward. While the site has an overall commitment to Christian values, its average of 196,000 visitors a month, its variety of members and matches worldwide, and its multiple ways to personalize your search makes the world of Christian singles seem not so big and out of your contr.

Here are the Christian Cafe Membership prices:

  1. 6 months: $109.97 (61 cents a day)
  2. 3 months: $69.97 (77 Cents a day)
  3. 1 month: $44.97 (1.50 a day)
  4. 2 weeks $34.97 (2.50 a day)

Remember, the longer the membership plan, the cheaper you pay per day. Check current prices.

As far as anyone can see, there is still no clear-cut path to dating let alone dating as a single Christian. Courtship practices continue to change every day and it is fortunate that there are quite a few websites out there that will not jeopardize any of your values for dating. If online dating still feels like a shot in the dark, especially if you are seeking like-minded Christians, just remember this:

  1. Find the sites with good membership deals. Many of them will decrease in daily payment the longer you commit to a membership.
  2. When in doubt, go with the largest communities or active members. In this way, your pool of options is bigger.
  3. Determine if you want the site to do all the work for you to find matches or if you want to do the search yourself. Some sites will let you do either or both.
  4. Make sure the site you are using has many security measures to protect your personal information and identity.
  5. Check if there is an app for it.

The chance to make deeper connections has been completely stamped out by a world in need of instant satisfaction. With a little bit of work and commitment, dating and love could be far less complicated. So, if you find yourself ready to dive into the world of dating, please consider any of the ones listed in our Best International Christian Dating Site Review.

#5 is a primer dating site for those those seeking a serious relationship. While the name may have broad appeal it’s US users are overwhelmingly Christian. The site started in 2002 and has been going strong ever since then. The site matches you based on just a few questions. What is nice about them is they allow you to see your matches for free.


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Learn How to Get a Date on Tinder

It’s Saturday afternoon. You have no date and you’re alone in your studio apartment watching all the couples outside enjoying themselves.  Alright, you think you know how to get a date on tinder so you decide to kill some time on tinder. You swipe and swipe until you see her…


how to start a conversation with a girl on tinder
Omg she’s real!

At first you think ‘oh spam bot’ but you check and discover…holy shit she’s real!

You decide to hit her up but you don’t want to seem thirsty so you play it cool…


No reply…

“What’s happenin”

No reply…

“Hey baby show me some love”

You have been blocked…

Rejected again!

You feel a punch on your gut and you ask yourself

“Will I ever get out of this  fucking rut?’

“How do I get a date on trindr?!”

This is exactly what a young man that came into my office had experienced. He was recently made single and wanted to get back in the dating scene but he just couldn’t get his mojo back.

I worked with him and after about 8 sessions, eventually, he ended up finding a good girl. He says things are going well and has no complaints. He even sent this photo to show his progress.

How did I help him?

First and foremost let’s get one thing out of the way.  If you’re here just looking for cheesy one-liners this isn’t the right article website. I’ve never seen a one-liner work outside of scripted television and I doubt one will work for you.

If you’re here it’s because you’re looking to make a girl crave you and not just piss her off to be annoying.

If you are tired of tinder want a new site for women that are willing then try Ashely Madison. They’ve made a comeback in the last year and they are looking to serve guys that are just looking for open minded dating.

Let’s start off with the basics on how to get a date on Tinder

Increase your appeal on Tinder by:

1. Improving your pictures – you can find some guidance online. But in general, professionally taken pics, you not looking in the camera and not smiling have been proven to be successful (although some girls prefer guys who look at the camera;)

2. Improving your description – do write something, it shows you are making a little effort to seduce. In doing so, please avoid clichés (most men like sports, traveling and good food) write about what makes you special and unique or funny. No inspiration? Ask your friends and family what they think makes you unique.

3. Make an effort- “hey” isn’t going to cut it! If you want a girl that’s normally out of your league you better put some effort into it and show her you’re willing to work for her hand! You should message her like she’s the absolute girl of your dreams!

A good opener on tinder should be a message that demonstrates you actually read her profile. Let’s say you read Denise’s profile she says in her profile that she’s a student, loves rabbits, and her favorite color is pink.

A good opener would be something like this:

Hey Denise,

Just wanted to say what’s up. What do you study?  When I was a kid I had a rabbit his name was Oscar; getting  him was the best Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten! Too bad he wasn’t pink though! Haha!

You see!

It isn’t necessary to write an entire paragraph in order to make a good tinder opener. You just need to show her that you put some effort and that you’re looking for more than to just get in her pants (even if that’s all you’re looking for).

In that opening, you’ve created at least at 4 different avenues of productive conversation.

  1. Talking about school- you can ask her what her major is. You can talk about what you’re studying and what does she plan to do with her life when she finishes school. These are just a few examples.
  2. Talking about rabbits. You can talk about your rabbit and ask her why she loves rabbits so much
  3. Talking about your childhoods
  4. Talking about your favorite colors

A really good thing is you’ve shown her you have a sense of humor and made her chuckle. Once you’ve made a girl laugh you’re already halfway through the door!

What you say to a girl is very important!

Assuming you’ve already done that let’s go into the nitty-gritty of how to get a date on tinder.

Be Physically Appealing Yourself

We guys will always go for a good looking girl every time. While it is true women don’t base attraction on looks nearly as much as we do sorry Sam but looks do matter!

In the case of my client, we’ll call him Jonas, in the case of Jonas he had gained a few since his girlfriend broke up with him and it showed. He had a nice gut hanging over his belt which wasn’t attractive for a 22-year-old.

I gave it to him straight.

“Son if you want a girl like that you’re gonna have to lose some weight”

He said he knew and asked what’s the fastest healthy way to lose weight and I told him the key to weight loss was sitting right on his kitchen table!

Create Good Karma

Okay, so let’s say you’re not overweight but you’re still not getting the results you desire on tinder. The next step is to create good karma for yourself. I am a firm believer in you reap what you sow! 

How did you treat this girl when she hit you up on tinder? 

Don’t get me wrong its perfectly fine to not be interested in someone but the way you express disinterest determines what kind of energy you put into the world.

If you replied to her with ‘yeah right bitch’ just remember that the next time a girl blocks you on tinder. If you just didn’t reply or politely told her you weren’t interested then you’re doing just fine.

What if You’re Not Rich and You’re Not Hot?

Maybe now you’re thinking okay I already knew that stuff but I’m still not getting dates on Tinder! I’m not rich and I will never be hot what do I do?

Don’t worry about that!

We’re not all 6-foot jocks and yet many of us still can get a date on Tinder or any other app.  The trick is to make her think you’re hot! 

I’m not kidding!

There are about 5 secret triggers in the female brain that you can use to make her think you’re hot even if you’re not. Once you’ve learned them you won’t need to worry about ‘oh I’m too short, oh I’m too pale, or oh I’m too thin ever again!

One of the things you must do is learn how to fake it until you make it!

Girls love confidence but hate cockiness.  Where is the line is something many guys often struggle with.

Here are some tips to skate that line between confidence and cockiness perfectly!

Girls see how you treat others.

I was sitting in the bus one day and I saw this really cute couple. He was good looking and so was she but what made him attractive wasn’t what you might think. He was actually kinda skinny and just average height.

What made him appealing was how he treated those around him. An old lady stepped onto the bus and he immediately got up and offered his seat to her.

She said ‘oh no no that’s okay’ but he insisted she take his seat and he stood for the rest of the bus ride.

At first, I thought ‘oh what a nice guy’ just like everyone else. That is until I saw the smile on his girlfriend’s face. At that moment she was proud to be his girlfriend and I knew he was gonna get her best sex that night.

That’s why he did that!

Girls love a guy that treats others with respect because it gives her confidence that you won’t turn on her and be an asshole down the line.

Stand up for her!

I was out with one of a girlfriend one night at a football game and the guy in front of us was being totally obnoxious. He was yelling, showing his fat belly, and frenching his girlfriend in front of everyone.

He didn’t care that he was annoying everyone else around him he only cared about himself. I was about to say something when my girl said ‘hey men tone it down you’re ruining it for everyone’.

To which all 6’3  of him stood up and told her to fuck off.  All 5’8 of me immediately stood up and said ‘what the fuck did you say?’. He repeated it. I told him if he didn’t apologize the consequences would be severe.

Long story short a fight ensued and I lost…badly…

All I remember is being dazed and two security guards breaking us up.  I felt terrible having just gotten my ass kicked in front of my girlfriend.

I hadn’t spoken in the car when she said:

“Wow John that was amazing”.

“What?” I replied confused.

She said ‘yeah you took on that guy for me and I’ve never had a guy do that for me before”.

“But I lost”

“I don’t give  shit. You took on a 6’3 black guy…Just the fact that you did it makes me so happy and she whispered ‘and turned on’. “

The next night after I recovered lets just say she made me forget about all my bumps and bruises!

Are you serious? Then try this…

Are you serious about a relationship? Maybe you’re ready to settle down? Consider a more legitimate dating site. I’ve found that sites that require payment weed out a lot of the wierdos & trolls. There are many different sites to chose from. The ones I would comfortable recommending to you are eharmony,, and


But let’s not get ahead of ourselves

You still need to get a date in the first place. To sum things up if you want to know how to get a date on Tinder here’s what you must do:

  1. Tired of tinder? Try Ashley Madison or Adult Friend Finder
  2. Be as physically appealing as you can (see if keto is right for you)
  3. Have good pictures (wiki how to take good selfies)
  4. Put effort into your profile description
  5. Make an effort when you message her to talk about her interests right away
  6. Learn More at Conversion Chemistry