Christian Filipina: The Best Site to Find a Wife in The Philippines

Many men who are frustrated with their local dating scene find themselves looking abroad to find the right one. There are many places abroad to find a suitable mate such as Russia, Brazil, and The Philippines. I personally prefer The Philippines for a few reasons. Number 1 the women are quite attractive and 2 they still have good traditional Christian values that many men are seeking.

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The Filipina Appeal

The Filipino people are known for their good nature and sunny disposition. If you go to the Philippines you’ll see a sea of smiles and pleasantness.  Despite the poverty of the country they still manage to look on the bright side of life.

If you want a wife that has traditional values such as cooking, cleaning, and raising wholesome children the Philippines is still the place to get one. A Filipina will treat you how you deserve to be treated and of course, you must do your part which is to honor, cherish, and take care of her.

The Caveat

The main problem I see is many men will go to the Philippines or go on Filipina dating sites, flash their passports, and think they can buy a good wholesome person.  It doesn’t work that way. If all you’re looking for is fun then yes that’s really easy. However, if you want a serious relationship with someone who will truly love and honor you then that takes work.

Here are the biggest mistakes I’ve seen western guys make when searching for a wife:

Mistake 1. Thinking they can buy love. The Philippines is an incredibly cheap place to live if you do it right. The problem is many guys that were barely making it in their home countries now feel like kings when they come here and think they can buy anything including a person. Listen, you can rent someone’s time or even their body but you can never buy love! I do think sending money to your Filipino lover is appropriate at the right time. However, sending money won’t change her feelings for you. If she’s showing the signs that she doesn’t really like you then it’s time to move on.

Mistake 2. Not understanding that there are stark differences between Philippine and Western culture. Just because English is the second language of the Philippines it doesn’t mean traveling to the Philippines is like going from one state to another. Here are some differences that seem to grind the gears of westerners the most. First, when someone gives a time it’s usually a suggestion. Being late is not a social faux-pas in the Philippines–Germans seem to really have a problem with this. Second, things that seem basic to us–like the phone company actually sending you a bill before expecting you to pay it are not necessarily that way.  Third, respect is very important and you could even be deported for disrespecting a Filipino.

Mistake 3. Not paying attention to the warning signs when someone is taking advantage of them. This is mostly caused by guys thinking with the wrong head. They get young women in the prime of their lives throwing themselves at them and they just don’t know how to deal with it. That’s why they ignore the signs that he’s just being used for a green card.

Mistake 4. Being arrogant. As discussed above you can be deported for disrespecting a Filipino but that’s kind of rare. Most likely what will happen is you’ll have a really difficult time in the Philippines. Your service will be slow and people will make a special effort to screw you over and separate you from your money.

Mistake 5. Not understanding that just because a Filipino is friendly and smiling at you it doesn’t mean she actually likes you. This is a polite culture so someone smiling and nodding at you means absolutely nothing.

Now you know what not to do let’s talk about what a foreigner looking for a Filipino wife should do. First and foremost you need to be honest with yourself about what you’re really looking for. If you’re just looking for a hot 20 something for pleasure, to spend time with you, and tell you nice words at night in exchange for financial assistance then be honest about it.

That’s super easy to find in the Philippines and you don’t really need to read any further.  If you’re looking for something serious with no money involved then you’ll have to look harder and be patient. That kind of thing doesn’t come easy. You can, however, speed up the process by going to a reputable dating site. I’ve found that sites that require people to actually pay to join do a good job of weeding out the trolls and scammers.

Why Christian Filipina Solves This Problem For You

As I alluded to above, sites that require people to put their money where their mouths are are good at weeding out trolls and scammers. What I love about Christian Filipina is they go even further than that.

  • They do verification checks on the girls to make sure they are who they say they are
  • The women are checked to make sure they’re not already married,
  • They also have a database of known scammers on the Filipina dating scene.

You can read more about their screening process here. Additionally, the site has a questionnaire which will match you automatically with the most compatible potential partners.

What I don’t like about Christian Filipina

The main drawback of the service is the price. With so many free and cheap dating websites out there, some may find it difficult to pay their prices.

That’s why if you’re not sure whether or not you’re serious about seeking a wife in The Philippines I would recommend Filipino Cupid instead. It’s cheaper but it also doesn’t have nearly the amount of features and screening procedures that Christian Filipina has.

Is Christian Filipina a Scam?

When it comes to online dating you get what you pay for. As I said if you’re just looking for some fun on vacation or a casual then yeah a free dating site will be just fine. Although you’ll end up paying a lot more in money sent to the wrong girl. If you go on a free dating site expect many of the girls to not be employed, have children (and possibly children from multiple men), and request money right away.

Christian Filipina is certainly not a scam, however, if you’re still on the fence check out my list of other Filipino Dating Sites.

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