A REAL Christian Mingle vs Christian Cafe Comparison

A REAL Christian Mingle vs Christian Cafe Comparison

Many people of faith seeking a partner want to know which site they should try in order to find a Godly spouse. While the two biggest sites out there are eHarmony and Christian Mingle there’s an up n coming competitor out there–Christian Cafe. My desire is to give you an honest comparison between the two in order for you to make an informed decision.  This is my Christian Mingle vs. Christian Cafe comparison.

About other Christian Mingle vs Christian Cafe comparisons, there’s something you should know

There are a few other sites comparing the two companies. I read those reviews as part of my research for this article and there’s something you should know. Most sites will strongly recommend Christian Mingle right off the bat and from what I can tell it’s not necessarily because Christian Mingle is a better site but because Christian Mingle pays higher commissions than Christian Cafe. Now I’ve always been straight with you guys and I’ll tell you that this site too has affiliate links and I’d greatly appreciate it if you used my link to sign up for either site. My promise to you is that my reviews will be written for what’s in the best interest of you, the reader, rather than my small commissions. I’ll also point out that I met my wife on eHarmony.

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Christian Mingle vs Christian Cafe Comparison Chart

  Christian Mingle Christian Cafe
Price 29.99 per/mo



(check price)

34.97 per/mo



(free 10-day trial)

Number of Users 16 Million 750,000*
Christian owned
Number of cool features

As you can see Christian Mingle has some distinct advantages over Christian Cafe. Namely the price and number of users. For many daters that makes the choice pretty clear but hold on a second. Many Christian daters will appreciate that Christian Cafe is actually Christian owned while Christian Mingle is owned by a big corporate conglomerate–Spark Networks. This is the same company that owns sites such as Attractive World where users must pass a looks test in order to be accepted. I’d say that’s hardly a Christian value.

Christian Cafe pros

In addition, Christian Cafe has some distinct advantages that many daters will like:

  • QuickMatch-A feature which suggests profiles who are compatible in terms of age, faith, location, and relationship goals.
  • Ability to see if your message has been read
  • Photo verification–All photos must be recent & clearly show the users’ face to be approved
  • Inactive profiles are removed–This means you don’t have to worry about sending messages to users that don’t bother to check their profiles
  • Actively managed–The Christian Cafe team doesn’t hesitate to remove troublemakers from the site
  • Faith over finance–They know they could attract more users if they let people to post scantily clad photos in bikinis and short shorts but they don’t allow that
  • It offers ‘cafe’s’–Forums for members to interact with each other
  • Free 7-day trial–Try it before you buy it

So you see while the user base is small it’s active. What good are 16 million or 16 billion users if 3/4 of them haven’t logged in for more than a year? Christian Mingle’s focus is on growth and numbers and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing those who are serious about their faith may be disappointed that their ‘matches’ aren’t as Christian as they’d hoped. Christian Cafe while still a business puts faith over finance and works hard to create a truly Christian environment. This enables people of faith to find Godly matches who share their values. The best thing I liked was the free 10-day trial. This allows daters to see for themselves if the site is the right choice for them.

Christian Cafe cons

In order to keep this article legit, I also need to tell you about the site’s disadvantages

  • The user base is smaller
  • Some people elaborate way too much on their profiles which makes for a lot of reading
  • It costs more than Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle vs Christian Cafe–The Winner?

Overall I’d say Christian Cafe is the winner for sincere Christians looking to find a Godly partner. The simple fact is while the site indeed does have fewer users, its users are more likely to actually be active and people of faith. In the online dating industry all that matters if quantity. Users want to see a gargantuan number of users but that’s ignoring the fact that the whole reason you’re interested in a niche site is that you’re looking for a mate that shares your values. Christian Cafe provides for that environment.

Also, I’ll point out again what is the point of having a lot of users if they’re not active? Christian Cafe’s pruning of inactive profiles ensures a much better user experience as messages you send are much more likely to receive a response.  That being said why not sign up for both? Christian Mingle allows you to see your matches for free while Christian Cafe gives you a 7-day free trial. Therefore you’ve got nothing to lose by trying both out.

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