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The Great Christian Mingle vs eHarmony Debate Finally Settled

You’re tired of sleeping alone and now you’ve decided the time is right to find a life companion. Nowadays there are so many options for online dating and you’re not sure which is for you. For serious daters of faith, the two top choices are eHarmony and ChristianMingle. But which is best? The truth is it depends on you; which is why I have laid out several criteria to help you can make your own decision.  Here is my input for the Christian Mingle vs eHarmony debate.

Christian Mingle vs. eHarmony Comparison Chart

Christian Mingle eHarmony
Price Starts at 59.97 for 3 months

(check current pricing)

Starts at $113.85 for 3 months

(check current pricing)

Number of Users 16 Million 10 Million
Ease of Use
Advanced Matching Algorithm
Best Security Features

Pricing & Value-Toss up*

When it comes to pricing Christian Mingle is the winner hands down. eHarmony is pricey no matter how you slice it but if you’re in the crowd that’s willing to pay for a dating site then price, hopefully, isn’t the only thing you’re looking at. 7-11’s coffee is cheaper than Starbucks’ coffee yet millions more patronize the latter over the former.  So when talking about money we must also look at value. While eharmony is more expensive it offers a great deal more security than Christian Mingle. One, there’s the fact that you must complete the survey before you’ll see your matches. This is a great way to weed out creeps, trolls, and the insincere. Two, they offer a service called RelyID which basically is a background check of the user. You can also set your profile so you’ll only receive messages from people that have undergone the check.

Number of Users Winner-Christian Mingle

No matter how great the matching system is it’s irrelevant if there aren’t a high number of users to choose from. That’s the number one complaint of eHarmony users. There just aren’t as many users to choose from versus other sites. While eHarmony boasts 10 million users only about 750,000 of them are active paying subscribers (the people who could actually respond to your messages) which hasn’t changed since 2012 according to Business Insider. Christian Mingle, on the other hand, has 16 million users with 160,000 of them accessing the site on a daily basis.  Another thing daters need to consider is that both sites tend to cater to crowds that are 30+.

Ease of Use Winner-Christian Mingle

eHarmony users complain that the sign-up process is arduous. In order to view your matches, you have to complete a survey which can take up to 40 minutes. I personally like this as it serves as a security feature and weeds out those that aren’t serious. eHarmony will never be tinder nor are they trying to be. Christian Mingle users generally report the site is easy to use and like its functionality. I liked how I could set up a profile just to see what was there before I spent a lot of time filling out a long questionnaire only to find out that there were no suitable matches for me. The eharmony app only has 1 star in the iTunes store but the company says it has made large investments to improve the user experience on the website and phone app.

Advanced Matching Algorithm Winner-eHarmony

Hands down eHarmony is the winner when it comes to their matching algorithm. eHarmony is the closest thing to hiring a human matchmaker which is what makes it the apogee of all other dating sites in my opinion.  Christian Mingle also has a matching system but it pales in comparison to that of eHarmony. Christian Mingle leaves you to do most of the work yourself while eHarmony does the work for you. That’s what you’re paying for when you use eHarmony.

Security Winner-eHarmony

One of the most important things many females that join dating sites are looking for is security and in that aspect, eHarmony is the clear winner. As mentioned previously the long questionnaire & the price do a great job of weeding out the insincere. Then there’s the fact that you can’t message anyone the system doesn’t match you with.

They also do a good job of protecting their users from romance scammers. When my mother used eHarmony there was a handsome guy that she began interacting with. But then she got an email saying his profile had been deleted because he had been reported for scamming women on other sites. That’s the eHarmony difference. The sad truth about the dating industry is many sites not only do nothing to stop scammers but actually encourage them. Scammers are good at getting people to stay on the site longer which means more $$ for the site owner.

In addition, eHarmony also offers additional security features in their total connect plan including RelyID which is basically a background check service. You can even set your profile to only receive messages from those who have undergone and passed the background check. They also offer a secure video and phone call service where you can video or voice chat with another user without them seeing your contact information. This is something I know many women will love.

Number of Christian Users-Christian Mingle*

Some people say Christian Mingle has more actual Christian users than eHarmony, however, I urge caution when making such statements. While Christian Mingle does boast a higher user count that doesn’t mean they’re actual Christians. To be a Christian one must truly accept Jesus into his/her heart and strive to live a Christ-like life. There’s no machine or computer algorithm that can see if someone truly has the faith in their heart. That being said eHarmony’s matching algorithm may do a better job at weeding out non-Christians than Christian Mingle’s checkbox that merely asks how often you go to church. That is if you want that of course

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🌟The Winner-eharmony!🌟

I really recommend trying both sites and seeing which one fits you the best.  Both offer the ability to see your matches for free and both sites have their plusses and minuses. I personally met my wife on eHarmony but I know many people who were very happy with Christian Mingle. Then there’s the fact that Christian Mingle has 75% more users. That increases your odds of finding a mate by 75%, supposedly. However, you only need one partner and eHarmony does a lot of the work of digging through the dirt to get the gold for you.

Digging Deeper to Match You Better – eharmony

See Your Matches For Free – Christian Mingle 

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