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East Meets East Asian American Dating

11.99 p/m for men





Ease of use


Dating Pool Size



  • Easy to Use
  • Great Resource for Asians Seeking Asians
  • Free for Women
  • Several Security Features
  • Mostly Professional Men


  • Not Free for Men
  • Dating Pool Somewhat Small For M4F

First, let’s stop with the feel-good PC myth that racial preferences don’t exist. They do, and pretty much all the data everywhere confirm it. On average, white girls are simply not into Asian guys.

The researchers, after controlling for all other attributes (height, weight, attractiveness, etc.), calculated how much extra income (relative to the income of the average online male dater, $62,500) a man would need to overcome the racial barrier. Here are some of the estimates (there weren’t enough data to do all the interracial permutations) of how much each extra income a man would need to be equally appealing to a woman as would a man of her own race:

For equal success with a white woman, an African-American needs to earn an additional $154,000; a Hispanic man needs $77,000; an Asian needs $247,000.

(Source: Single Female Seeking Same-Race Male)

Then there’s the infamous OKCupid study on race-based dating:

(Source: Race and Attraction, 2009 – 2014)

An interesting side note: Asian women prefer white men over their own race! +16% vs +10%

East Meets East is a dating site and match making service seeking to remedy this problem. Their aim is to help Asian American men find love too.

East Meets East Review–Is it Worth it?

The Price: East Meets East is free for women but men have to pay $11.99 per month. A few guys have expressed disappointment and claimed ‘discrimination’ due to their pricing structure. The site’s founder, Mariko Tokioka, explains the pricing structure like this:

“Statistically Asian women are wanted more [by men of other ethnicities], but Asian men are not so much desired.”

It’s basically a supply and demand concept. Whether it’s worth it depends on you. If you are a single Asian man that wants love in his life then I recommend giving East Meets East a try.  Also, it’s not like $12 a month is a huge investment. Apart from being profit it also helps protect the women from guys that aren’t serious.

How East Meets East Dating Works

It’s a pretty standard search with some matching questions to help you along the way. What’s nice is it has some pretty good filters to help you see only the profiles you want to see. One filter allows you to select when the person came to the country. Another one can help you find partners that speak a particular language. They even have a filter to help you and find users of the particular Asian ethnicity that you want (Indonesia, Hmong, Chinese, Japanese, etc). Of course, you can also select for the standard things such as location, age, marital history, children or no children.


Women get full access to messaging upon sign up. Men, however, only get to read previews until they become premium members. The messaging system is pretty standard offering private messaging as well as live chats. Some guys will try to get around the payment requirement by sending a message with their contact information to contact them directly. Many females have said they’re not comfortable with this since they didn’t know them yet. It may work for you or it may not but frankly, I don’t recommend doing this. One of the main grievances Asian women have against Asian men is that they’re cheap.

One female user even commented, “Don’t be stereotype guys!


A favorite of the ladies is the ‘smiles’ feature they have. It’s a friendly way a guy can let a girl know he’s interested without being too forward and sending a direct message. The site lets you know who’s smiled at you and you can check out their profile and see if the feeling is mutual. Just remember many relationships in real life began with a simple!

See Who’s Looking at You:

This is one of my favorite features looking at EME. The site allows you to see who’s been looking at your profile. This is a great way to see the types of folks that you’re attracting and make changes if you need to. Also, it gives you a chance to make the first move!


If you want to edit your profile and change your photo, you can do it all from here. Being able to change or add photos from the app is particularly convenient because what do you usually use to take photos? It offers a lot of functionality but I didn’t find the profiles to be anything that was game-changing in the industry.

Here’s What EME’s users liked:

The men liked how the site/app did a lot of the work for them. No more taking the time to send a message to a girl that they’re interested in only to get back “sorry not into Asians” in return. Being on this site gets rid of one of the biggest hurdles Asian men face when trying to date online.  They also liked how the site’s filters did a good job of weeding out women that weren’t actually in America but just seeking a green card.

The women liked that because the men had to pay the men were mostly professionals who were serious. Many female users opined that there were a lot fewer creeps than on other apps like Tinder. Overall female users said that they felt more secure than on other sites.

Overall the site’s biggest strength is that it’s a niche site for Asian men & women seeking a companion. The layout was pretty basic but functional. Asian singles who are serious should also know that eHarmony also has an Asian specific site.

Read my full review of eHarmony

My name is Cameron and I started this blog To help those who are looking for love and need to defend themselves.


  1. Cost




    Ease of use


    Dating Pool Size


    This is an awesome find! After trying many dating apps this app helped me finally meet an Asian girl with a cultural background before I was about to completely give up. Can’t believe I didn’t meet her before, she lives only 20 minutes drive away. Couldn’t be better! Thank you EastMeetEast!

  2. Cost




    Ease of use


    Dating Pool Size


    They have very little users. They charge the men a high fee to join. Females are free.But there are no females. I used it for one day and that was it i basically saw everyone. I compalined to customer service. they said no refunds and told me to widen my search area. I’m really not trying to meet somone 3+ hours away from where I live. Horrible customer service. I get more out of the free dating websites. Save your money

  3. Cost




    Ease of use


    Dating Pool Size


    After seeing Timothydelaghetto’s promotion of eastmeeteast on my facebook feed, alongside LeendaD and mychonny’s funny videos advertising the website, I decided to check out the eastmeeteast app tongue-in-cheek. I have accounts on match.com, okcupid and tinder, but have not really been getting much results or responses from the ladies there. Thus, my foray into the world of eastmeeteast.

    I would like to respond to all the negative reviews below–first off this site is not a scam. It provides a service and from what I’ve experienced in my first three days, delivers what it promises–a large pool of attractive Asian women of all nationalities from all parts of the world. You can expand or shrink the scope of the locations you’re interested in.

    And second, the claim that there are nothing but “fat and ugly” girls on this site is complete bull$#*!. I have personally seen over 30+ girls who would be considered highly attractive by universal standards. Beautiful faces, thin bodies, nice skin complexion, long hair–I don’t know where that previous reviewer was looking. What was even more surprising was that many lived so close to me (OC/LA area) which was a nice surprise.

    Third, the customer service has been excellent so far. Gvantsa, one of the representatives, answered my questions about the site quickly and thoroughly. Thanks to her answers, my experience of the site has been more enjoyable and comfortable.

    Lastly, I have had more messages and responses from girls on this website than any other platform. From healthcare managers in Hong Kong to business admins in L.A., I have been visited by over 40+ women in my first three days of membership and have been having pleasant conversations with many of them. This is a huge difference from my experiences on Match, OkCupid and Tinder.

    In summary, I would recommend this site to anyone who is interested in finding a prospective Asian girlfriend/boyfriend/ or wife/husband if one is pursuing such a relationship. I have definitely been exposed to way more Asian women on this site alone compared to its competitors. Also, there are no “bots” or “fake profiles” that exist on other dating websites.

    If you have a solid profile, with great photos of yourself and a decently written bio, you will be surprised by the number of visitors who check out your profile. Granted, I did not know about the auto-renewal policy, so thanks to the other reviewers about that. But that doesn’t concern me so much because I willfully paid for a whole year’s worth of service, and at $12.00 a month, it’s not breaking my bank. It’s a fantastic bargain to meet and contact beautiful Asian singles near my area.

    Give eastmeeteast a try! It’s free if you’re a girl and for men I think it provides another great avenue to meet Asian women in your area or long-distance.

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