A REAL Evatac Q5 Taclite Review From Someone That Bought It

Jannie was a 29 year old single mother of 2 daughters. She was living in a nice brownstone in a decent neighborhood of New York City. Her and her family were sleeping when she heard some rustling downstairs. She quietly got out of bed and checked her girls’ rooms and saw them sound asleep.  She then grabbed the first thing she saw which was her taclite flashlight that her brother had gotten for her after her divorce.

Jannie slowly took two steps downstairs and saw two men in her kitchen. Jannie began shivering with fear. She was about to call 911 but then she realized that they might hear her. Initially, she didn’t know what to do but then she thought about her two little girls and the momma bear instincts kicked in. She held her taclite firmly in her hands slowly went downstairs, turned the flashlight on strobe mode and screamed: “I’ve called the police now get the f*** outta my house!”. They were shocked and temporarily blinded by the light but managed to run out the front door.

She called the police and her brother and everything turned out okay. For all we know the taclite flashlight saved her life.

Evatac Flashlight Battery Size

The EvaTac q5 flashlight takes a single AA battery. The construction of the light makes it so it’s not obvious and there’s no markings to indicate the battery size but yes it just needs a simple AA battery. I use Duracell and I haven’t needed to replace it for a year. Of course how long the battery lasts depends on your usage.

Let There be Light! 

Let there be light! We’ve all heard that saying and these days with violent crime going up it couldn’t be more true! If you want to protect yourself the best way to do it is to eliminate the element of surprise and we all know that darkness is a wrong doers best friend. The problem in the past was that flashlights of any real usefulness tended to be big and bulky and those small compact ones were a complete waste of space.

Size Doesn’t Matter Anymore!

Thanks to LED technology scientists have been able to pack a big punch into a small package. The EvaTac Q5 Taclite Flashlight has approximately 500 lumens in a light-weight small package that could fit in anyone’s hand.

Trust me when I tell you this isn’t something you’d want shined in your face! I really thought maybe this was a scam when I saw it available for free just pay shipping but I decided to get it anyway since I figured I didn’t have much to lose.


  • New tech Q5 Cree Led Emitter
  • Aircraft grade aluminum construction
  • Freeze Proof Tested
  • Deep Convex Lens
  • Adjustable Zoom Up to 1100ft
  • Stainless & Rustproof
  • Powered by a single AA battery (not included)


What are the uses of a tactical flashlight?

A tactical flashlight of course has the same uses as any flashlight but beyond that a tactical flashlight has many additional uses including to blind an assailant (bright immediate light shined into the eyes),  wound an assailant (with the serrated edges), break glass for whatever reason (they are strong and have sharp edges), search for perpetrators escaping in darkness.

Tactical Flashlights are one of the most popular Everyday Carry (EDC) tools you can buy. Some of their uses include:

· Emergencies: You never know when you may find yourself in an emergency and you need to whip the flashlight. may find yourself in an emergency situation that requires you to whip out your flashlight. What is you’re driving at night and your car breaks down or you blow a tire? What if the power goes out suddenly and you need a light to go around your house safely? There are numerous situations in which a flashlight would be highly useful and could even save your life. The Q5 Taclite led flashlight is built with sturdy material and emits an ultrabright light.

· Auto repairs:  I work on my car quite a bit and sometimes, especially in the winter months, it gets dark before I’m finished. Even with lights in the garage you still need a light to see the right screws or cables. I don’t know a mechanic alive today that doesn’t have a flashlight in his shop. Anyone that works on their car needs a flashlight but not any flashlight will do. The Q5 Tactile flashlight has an aluminium clip that keeps the light in place so you don’t have to and you never have to worry about drops because of the ultra sturdy aluminium construction.

· Construction: in construction sites, not every angle is immediately exposed. There are various tasks that will take a flashlight to pull off. The Q5 Taclite flashlight emits floodlight-like brightness. The Q5 Taclite flashlight offers protection in hazardous environments. In the manufacture of this flashlight, EVATAC has employed high-grade LED technology to ensure high levels of candela and prolong the runtime of the flashlight. Thanks to the “high lumen” technology, the light emitted by the flashlight appears to mimic a floodlight. The Q5 Taclite flashlight can illuminate an entire work scene, thus giving workers a safety advantage for illuminating potential dangers.

· Inspecting homes: it is far much advantageous to execute an inspection of your house using the Q5 Taclite flashlight than any other average flashlight. The Q5 Taclite flashlight can illuminate more things than the average flashlight.

· Night walks: late-night walks have a calming effect on the soul. The Q5 Taclite flashlight illuminates the road and may even act as a weapon of self-defense should an incident arise. If you’re really interested in self defense while walking check out this flashlight baton.

· Games: Want to tell scary stories around the camp fire? Maybe your kids like to play night tag in the back yard. Believe it or not a flashlight is a great way to pass the time.

· Recreation: You can clip this light onto your bike or use it when camping.


  • Q5 Taclite is made from the top quality material that is shockproof and waterproof
  • You can use it for outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, hiking, cycling, maintenance use, household usage, and much more
  • This flashlight is small and convenient to carry anywhere
  • It is freeze tested to work in even the coldest conditions
  • This product is available free of charge
  • This flashlight is user-friendly and highly reliable
  • It has serrated edges which can be highly useful in hand to hand combat


  • Q5 Taclite is not available in stores
  • The AA battery is not included

Overall Conclusion

Overall the Q5 Tac Lite Flashlight worked much better than my expectations seeing as all I had to pay was for shipping. Honestly, I was expecting some POS product that would break quickly after having it but after having had mine for a year it still works and I’ve only had to replace the battery once!  For that reason I do recommend this product for a camper, traveler, or anyone needing an inexpensive yet highly effective source of light!  I actually gave mine to my mother and will be ordering another one for myself today.

Here’s a coupon to get the taclite flashlight for free.

My name is Cameron and I started this blog To help those who are looking for love and need to defend themselves.


  1. I have bought a EVATAC flashlight from one of the tv adds. When it came in the battery had a good charge and it worked well. The first thing I noticed was there was no paper work that cam with it.
    I use it off & on for a few weeks before the battery needed to be charged so I put the battery in the charger. When the light on the charger turned green I put the battery back in the flashlight and turned it on. It looked as if it was fully charged and went to retrieve a lost item. That’s when I noticed the light looked as if it had bait onrely a charge. I stood it on its end and let it set for a few minutes, picked it up, turned it on, and it did the same thing as when i first put the battery in. Would really like one that works.

    1. Pardon me sir but why did you make the same comment with different names? If your unit was defective then feel free to return it to them. I’ve had mine 6 months and it still works perfectly as it did out of the box.

  2. I mounted mine (I bought 4 and did the same with all 4) on some AR-15 rifles that I built for my sons and I as Christmas gifts. Out of the 4 in 2 years of using the Q5 flashlight at least 4 or 5 hours each week hunting coyotes (yodie dogs) we have replaced the batteries once. One of the flashlight the lens cracked when the rifle fell on a rock, my sons fault, but the switch broke do I called Ape Survival and I two days we had a new flashlight and they sent me 4 mounts that work better than the ones I paid $95 each for. They didnt charge me for the flashlight or the mounts, just shipping on the mounts. If that isn’t customer service I don’t know what is.

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