FilipinaVisa.Com (Christian Filipina Visa) Review is it Legit?

Have you finally met you’re forever and you’re ready to take her home with you? For many folks the visa process can be daunting so they choose to have a visa service do the work for them.

If you found your Filipina forever through then chances are they recommended FilipinaVisa to you. That shouldn’t surprise anyone since the same guy owns both companies. So, is legit?

Here’s a snapshot of their Better Business Bureau profile

Read their whole BBB Profile

While they have no customer complaints they don’t have any reviews either. That being said if someone felt screwed over by them I don’t see why they wouldn’t have taken the time to write a complaint or bad review against them.

If you’re at this point where you’re researching visa options then you already know that the k-1 fiancee visa is the best option to get your bride to America easily and quickly. This is what they specialize in.

How to get a K-1 Fiancee Visa

On the surface getting a K-1 fiancee visa doesn’t seem that difficult.

  1. You file a petition with USCIS
  2. She files a petition at the US Embassy or Consulate
  3. You go in for an interview
  4. She goes in for an interview separately and
    VOIL┬ĆA!! Your bride to be is with you in the USA

Well not quite…

Things you should know before using them or any visa preparation service

There are a few things that you should know prior to using or any visa preparation service for that matter.

  • No visa agency can guarantee results. It’s ultimately up to Uncle Sam if your lover gets to come or not
  • No visa agency can make the government work faster. When they say slogans like ‘get your visa faster’ what they mean is that they will check your documents and make sure they are free from errors that could delay the process and to prepare for any potential hangups
  • If you don’t meet the income requirements then chances are high your petition will be denied. This is one of the top reasons for k-1 visa denials so don’t believe any agency that says they can flub the numbers to get you approved. In fact, that might be considered immigration fraud which is punishable with up to a $250,000 fine and 10 years in prison.

The process can take anywhere from 6 months to 3 years and involves over 100 pages of paperwork. One mistake could derail your application for months or indefinitely. Yikes! This is why many people choose to have a service do the leg work for them and guide them through the process. is one of the smaller companies as it was just started in 2013. I am basing my recommendation of them on the reputation of Christian Filipina. I’ve seen many many different dating sites and Christian Filipina is the vanguard of Filipina online dating with over 1000 success stories. You can read my full review of Christian Filipina here. For that reason, I can confidently recommend you check Filipina Visa out yourself to see if they are right for you.

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