How to Find a God Fearing Man God’s Way

How many times have you told yourself “I want a good husband but there’s nothing out there!”? Read this article to help you achieve your dream of living a happy married life.

First and foremost let me start off by speaking the truth. Most single men are looking for women who are kind, helpful, sweet, and in good shape. If you have these qualities then don’t worry you’re set.

Tip 1: It doesn’t matter how pretty you are but look your best

One day a heavy-set sister came into my office and told me she kept having dating problems. She was educated and really tried her best to be a Proverbs 31 woman. She explained that all the guys she would go out with were just losers looking for a woman to take care of them. Some of them even acted like she owed them something for going out with her.

After 3 sessions of trying to beat around the bush I just told her if she wanted to have better options she should consider losing some weight. She looked shocked but then nodded.

God gave each and every one of us our set of gifts. That being said looks do matter when it comes to getting a good man. You don’t need to be a supermodel or anything but try to look your best. The key to that is being in shape. If you’re having trouble losing weight try the Faith Diet. It’s the best faith-based solution to losing weight I’ve seen out there!

Another good reason to be in shape is you’ll simply have more options. You shouldn’t have to settle for just anyone or some jerk that thinks you owe him something because he’s dating you.

Tip 2: Be helpful

This is so important and yet I don’t see enough women doing it.  God made women for men because, frankly, men need women. Most of the time the woman is the rock of the relationship although we guys are afraid to admit it. Being a single guy can be tough and most men would welcome a woman’s touch in many aspects of his life. When I was dating my wife one of the things that piqued my interest was her kind and helpful nature. I remember a mutual friend’s puppy was causing a ruckus in his house. She picked him up and with her gorgeous feminine hands lovingly wiped the slobber off his mouth with a paper towel, smiled at him, and softly told him to ‘relax baby’. After that, the puppy calmed down and I knew this girl was the one.

Men notice when a woman is kind, patient, and helpful. If you adopt these princples your future husband will notice too.

Tip 3: Don’t push for a commitment too quickly

Men are afraid of commitment. That’s just the way it is and the quickest way to scare a man away is to push for a commitment too quickly. In general the guys that will commit quickly aren’t the guys you really want in the first place.

That being said I’m not saying just give him the milk for free so he doesn’t have to buy the cow. There are ways to make him want you without pushing for a commitment quickly.

  1. Let him know through your actions that you don’t need him. Men are attracted to women that like them but don’t need them. In this day n age, very few men are interested in a super needy woman and the ones that are interested are mostly just looking to take advantage of a woman. If a guy sees that after he didn’t call you back that you’re not going to run after him and blow up his phone that’s a signal to him that you’re a confident woman.
  2. Never be afraid to walk away from a sale. When I was younger I had a sales job for a major phone company in the US. My sales were lagging and I was having to give away way too many freebies to close each deal. I was in danger of losing my job. I decided to talk to a co-worker who was one of the top performers and he gave me some of the best advice I’ve ever had. He told me “your problem is you’re too afraid of losing the deal and they sense that. If you want to be successful you can’t be afraid to walk away from a sale”. After hearing that and understanding what it meant I became one of the top performers in the company. Those words stuck with me 10 years later. It doesn’t matter how much you like the guy if he’s giving you nonsense don’t be afraid to walk away. Many guys will test your convictions by testing to see how far they can push you. If you’re not afraid to walk away you’ll pass every time.

Tip 4: Try to get on board with some of his hobbies

Try to get onboard with some of our hobbies: There are some things we’ll never understand about each other. Like why you need so many shoes. Or why you need to buy a new dress just because a friend of yours bought the exact same one you got on sale a week ago.

You’ll probably never understand why we’re into sports or games and why our idea of getting together with friends is sitting on a couch with beers in hand, watching a game in a silence that’s only broken when a player fumbles or makes a winning basket. You don’t get it. We don’t get it either. Just let us be. Tell us when we’re going overboard, but let us have our hobbies and distractions. If we wanted to go check out an art opening, trust me we would’ve already been there by now.

Try to find something you both can enjoy and it will help you to bond with your man much quicker and easier.

Tip 6: Men Need Support and Encouragement Too

We guys like support and encouragement, just like you do: Before you ask us to give up on one of our -admittedly ridiculous- projects, give us a chance. Give us some support and encouragement so that even if we fail, we can say we failed with pride, knowing we did all that we could. We try to encourage you to get into things that you like, even though we may not understand it, like art, fashion, dancing and so on. So next time we have an absurd idea, like the vest equivalent of a beer helmet, support us, instead of turning it down without another word.

Tip 7: Be a Godly Woman

I won’t preach to you about being a Proverbs 31 woman so let me just tell you that you can protect yourself from a lot of heartache by being a person of integrity. If all you’re looking for is a sugar daddy then expect to have a domineering and controlling partner.

That’s the only reason most men are willing to be sugar daddies.  In addition, there are other things to look out for: Claiming love too quickly, quick to anger, promising lavish gifts, constantly bringing up how much money he’s spending on you, not respecting your sexual boundaries. Those are all signs of an abusive man.

Tip 7: Meet Him in the Right Places

If you want to get a good Christian man then you need to go where the good Christian men are. Of course, start at your church but the male/female ratios in many churches aren’t in your favor so you may need to look elsewhere. I met my wife on eharmony. Read my story, but there are other great sites as well. Christian Cafe is a good choice as they are Christian owned and operated. You can use this link to get a free trial with no credit card required. Christian mingle is the world’s largest Christian dating website and they let you set up an account for free and see your matches.

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My name is Cameron and I started this blog To help those who are looking for love and need to defend themselves.

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