Legal Self Defense Weapons in Nevada + 2 You Haven’t Considered

Self-defense isn’t something most people think about until it’s too late. However, it should be something we’re all thinking about as violent crime has been increasing throughout America in the last few years.  That’s why as a law-abiding citizen in Nevada it’s important to know what self-defense weapons are legal and which are not.

These Self Defense Weapons Are Legal to Posses in Nevada

  1. Pepper Spray (2oz or less)
  2. Tactical Pens
  3. Fire Arms (see restrictions below)
  4. Tasers & Stun Guns
  5. Whistles
  6. Most Knives (see exceptions below)
  7. Batons

Nevada Self Defense Laws – Castle Doctrine & Stand Your Ground

Like many states, Nevada has a castle doctrine law. This entitles an occupant to defense his or her home or vehicle from an attacker with no duty to retreat.  The state also has a stand your ground law which means a person has the right to use deadly force to defend themselves or their families from an attacker. Both laws may only be applied if:

      1. The person was not the original aggressor (they didn’t start it)
      2. They must have a reasonable fear of grave bodily danger including death and rape.
      3. The person isn’t trespassing
      4. They are not otherwise breaking the law

Nevada Pepper Spray Laws

Pepper spray is legal to carry in Nevada so long as it is 2 fluid ounces or less. Minors and felons may not carry pepper spray in any quantity. Read more about pepper sprays in my article here.

Nevada Gun Laws

Nevada respects the 2nd amendment and has very few restrictions on a person’s right to bear arms. However, there are exceptions. You may not possess a gun in a public school, childcare facility, legislative buildings, Veterans Affairs facilities

Concealed Carry is legal throughout Nevada provided you have a concealed carry weapons (CCW) permit. Nevada currently recognizes CCW permits from these states:

Alaska Arizona Arkansas
Florida Idaho (Enhanced Permit) Illinois
Kansas Kentucky Louisana
Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota
Mississippi (Enhanced Permits) Montana Nebraska
New Mexico North Carolina North Dakota (both types of permits)
Ohio Oklahoma Oregon
South Carolina South Dakota (enhanced permits) Tennessee
Texas Utah (both types of permits) Virginia
West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming


Yes You May Carry a Pocket Knife in Nevada

Most knives are legal to own in the state of Nevada. However,  local governments (City of Las Vegas, Clark Country, City of Reno) restrict switchblades.

You must have a Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permit to carry a machete in Nevada

In Clark County, you may not conceal carry a knife with a blade of three inches without written permission from the sheriff.  It’s also illegal to carry these knives openly on public easements and sidewalks

Dirks, daggers, and switchblades are not allowed in public schools and childcare facilities

You may not draw or brandish dirks, swords, or other deadly weapons in a rude or threatening way unless it is in self-defense

You may also carry a concealed knife (pocket knife) so long as the blade is less than 3 inches in length.  It is not allowed to carry a switchblade into a public school.



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Can you Carry a Taser in Nevada?

Tasers are legal and not considered firearms throughout Nevada. However, it is a crime to use them in an offensive manner, they must only be used in self-defense.

Illegal aliens, minors under the age of 18, felons, fugitives of justice, and the mentally ill may not possess a taser. Read more about tasers in my article here.

Baton Regulations in Nevada

I couldn’t find any law explicitly prohibiting batons in Nevada but just to be sure I contacted Nevada criminal defense attorney Joey Gilbert who confirmed that you may possess a baton throughout Nevada.  If you are interested in a baton I suggest a kubaton or a self-defense umbrella.  It’s legal and you can carry it anywhere. One reviewer said they had no problem getting it on an airplane.

Two Self Defense Weapons You May Not Have Considered


When you think of a self-defense weapon a whistle may not be the first thing that comes to mind but believe me a whistle is one of the best self-defense weapons that you can have! This isn’t an ordinary whistle. Blowing into The Scream Whistle it creates a sound of a 100 decibels. That’s louder than a jackhammer! Trust me you when I say it’s shrill and loud. You wouldn’t want this blown in your ear. Also, causing a scene by making a lot of noise is a great tool to defend yourself against any surprise attack whether it be a mugger or purse snatcher. Here’s a whistle I found for free (shipping charges may apply).

Tactical Pens Are Legal in Nevada

Tactical pens are legal in Nevada.  There is no specific mention of tactical pens in the California penal code, therefore, we must go by the rule if it’s not forbidden then it’s allowed. In a cop forum I was reading they were saying if the pen is just a weapon they can confiscate and charge a felon with carrying a weapon.

That’s why the key is to have a tactical pen with multiple uses, particularly writing. That’s why I love the Strike Pen by ape survival except or one caveat that you can read about in my Strike Pen review.

In addition to being a self-defense weapon, it’s also a flashlight, a can opener, a glass breaker, and a screwdriver. Oh, and did I mention it it’s a real pen? Here’s a coupon I found of the StrikePen to get it for free.


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