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Self Defense

10 Awesome Self Defense Gadgets

It’s 9pm on a Wednesday night. You’ve been working late for the past week to meet a deadline. You’re finally on your way home and you hear a BOOM! You’ve got a flat. You call AAA and they say a tow truck won’t be out for an hour and a half!

You decide to change the tire yourself since it’s a clear night and you’re in a good neighborhood. You get your tools out including your flashlight and the spare from the trunk. Thanks to your bright flashlight you manage to get the blown out tire off quite easily Then just when you’re about to start screwing in the lug nuts for the new tire you hear a voice.

“Give me your wallet!” You look up and two guys with sky masks are standing above you. “Excuse me?” You reply “I said gimme your f*%king wallet!”. Your heart sinks into your stomach with fear. That is, until you realize that you came prepared.

“Look fellas I don’t want any trouble so how about you kids just move on about your business?” You say without trying to sound scared.

They begin to laugh…

“You betta gimme that damn money!” The other one yells.

“Not gonna happen” You reply.

They move in to attack you but then you pickup your flashlight (which is actually a flashlight baton) and shine it in their faces temporarily blinding them. Then you whack the first one on the head! He falls to the ground and you jab the other in the belly with it’s rugged edges! You call the police as both men are running/limping away!

Flashlight Baton Price: Check Price

The world can be a scary place sometimes and you don’t want to be caught off guard. There’s no describing how good it feels to know you’re ready should the need arise. With these concealable self-protection tools, no one but you will know you’re armed either. The best part is a lot (not all) of these gadgets are free for a limited time!

1. The Strike Pen: Price: 54.99

This is by far my favorite! It’s a knife, bottle opener, flat-head screwdriver, HEX wrench, bottle opener,  LED mini-flashlight, and actual writing pen all into one! Plus the batteries are included. It also fits into your pocket and no one but you would know what it really is! My favorite part? It’s free! I found a limited of time coupon for you guys to get a strike pen for free just pay a shipping charge!

2. Tac-Lite Flashlight: Price: Free

Don’t be fooled by its size. This flashlight packs quite a punch. It can spit out over 5500K of Cold White Light and is adjustable with 1100ft. Trust me you wouldn’t want that light in your face and neither would a would-be attacker. This can disorient almost any attacker to make him leave you alone. It’s also much more though! It’s a perfect housemate in case of a power outage or a perfect camping tool.  Here’s a coupon so you get this free!

3. Pepper Spray: Price: Check price

Pepper spray is an oldie but goodie. It’s a tried and true method to stop an attacker. The reason I’m presenting a type of pepper spray gun instead of the classic canister is that in my experience those tiny canisters can be difficult to handle in a split second situation. You need something that’s easy to whip out your pocket and more importantly easy to aim!

5. Knife Credit Card: Price: Check Price

It looks like a credit card it’s actually a knife. What’s so awesome about this EDC personal protection device is that you don’t have to worry about remembering to take it with you. You just have it in your wallet like your driver’s license and other credit cards. Plus anytime you need a knife it’ll be there wherever you are!

6. Screaming Whistle: Price: Check Price

How is a whistle a self-defense tool?  First off this is no ordinary whistle. For one thing, there is no pea. This whistle was designed to be super load creating a shriek of 100 decibels (that’s as loud as a jackhammer) and to work in almost any condition!  Most muggers are just looking for an easy target to get some quick cash or something they sell quickly for cash. They don’t want any attention drawn to them. A watched an episode of the Today Show where they interviewed a career mugger and he said he was able to mug a woman and she had a whistle and blowing it made him run away. Making a lot of noise is one of the best deterrents to a mugger out there!

8. iPac T-Shirt: Price: Check Price

Okay so this isn’t exactly a self defense gadget but it’s pretty darn cool! It comes in the standard sizes from S-XXXL. This T-shirt is something you can wear to the firing range, to church (just kidding), or just out and about. It could serve as a deterrent to a would-be attacker as well! Plus you get three free bonuses through the company if you get it through them today.

Whichever gadget you chose just remember your best tool is to be prepared!

There are many ways to protect yourself; in fact, many people take concealed weapons courses to receive training and earn a permit to legally carry a gun. And can you blame them? According to the Women’s Self-Defense Institute, somewhere in the United States, the following crimes will be committed against women within the next hour:

Type of Crime Total Committed
Theft 900
Violent crime 189
Assault 124
Robbery 66
Sexual assault 24
Rape 12
Murder 2

The sad truth is that crime in America is going up! According to the New York Times violent crime in America increased once again in 2017.  That’s why it is imperative that we are all prepared to defend ourselves when the time comes! I’ll tell you personally that a firearm can be a highly effective tool if you are properly trained on how to operate one but you must be careful in some states you might face charges if you kill someone even if it is in self-defense. Guns aren’t toys, period! You could end up causing a very tragic accident if you are not careful. That being said, If you do choose to carry and are properly trained there are free concealed gun holsters you can get so you can have your piece with you at nearly all times.

This is why I generally don’t recommend a firearm for the average person. The average person needs a personal defense device that is familiar, easy to operate, and unlikely to cause accidental harm to its owner. The reality is that crime is a problem and the number one statement I always hear from victims is “I didn’t think it was going to be me. You always think it’s going to be someone else”.  However, you don’t have to be a victim! If you stay aware and have the right tool(s) to protect yourself then you won’t have to worry anymore!


Self Defense

6 Self Defense Tips for Men (and women) That Actually Work

Former Marine Thomas Autry was walking home from his waiter job in Atlanta when he says 4  suspicious looking people. He ignored them and kept walking until he realized they were following him.

Once he saw they were armed with a shotgun and a pistol he ran until the group caught up with him.

Autry pulled out his pocket knife, kicked the shotgun out of the attacker’s hands, and stabbed one of the attackers at which point they ran off.

The police found the attackers at the hospital where one of them was pronounced dead.  Autry was shaken but unharmed. The situation could’ve been much worse had Autry not had the ability to defend himself.

Too often guys think self-defense only applies to chicks and that’s just not true there may be a time when you need to defend yourself it’s not just because you tried to pick up someone else’s girl at the bar.

When that time comes these 8 self-defense tips that actually work will really work can mean the difference between life and death.

Don’t be afraid to run away!

As we can see in the introduction Thomas Autry was a trained Marine but he knew in a situation in which he was clearly outnumbered by dudes with weapons the best option was to attempt escape. There’s no shame in running away if it’ll save your life.

Being aware is being safe!

 For any would-be attacker their biggest weapon is the element of surprise! I just watched an interesting news piece that featured a convicted serial mugger explaining what they look for in a target. One thing that was surprising to me was one of his favorite places to mug people were on their own driveways. It’s counter-intuitive since we all think about getting assaulted in a dark alleyway or something…

In fact, someone’s driveway would be a perfect place to get a victim :

You’re distracted

You’re not paying attention since you feel safe at home

Often your tired if you’re just getting home from work

Maybe you’re carrying things which are perfect to steal

Make noise!

In that same video the mugger said he actually didn’t like attacking women because they tend to scream and make a lot of noise. He said one woman had a whistle which made him run away after she blew it. Having something that draws attention to the situation is a good thing. Remember most criminals don’t want witnesses

Pepper spray is your friend!

Mace isn’t just for chicks. If you’re in a situation where you’ve got multiple people (possibly armed) against you what’s more important? Your ego or your life? Pepper spray can neutralize several targets at once but you’ve got to have it somewhere with easy access. Self defense experts recommend you don’t aim for the face as in a stressful situation trying to aim anywhere is likely to result in a miss. It’s best to try to create a shield around you by spraying in an “S” form. That way even if they duck or try to dodge the mace they’ll still get hit giving you those precious seconds to escape

Strike back with a strike pen! 

If your attackers are less than 1 foot from you then pepper spray may actually be counterproductive as you may end up getting hit with your own mace! For that reason, if they’re already up close then hand-to-hand combat might be the only solution. If that time comes you should be prepared with a strike pen.  A strike pen is a literal pen but so much more.

Strike pens are so effective that even secret service agents carry them! Normally they can cost anywhere from $15-$50 Here’s a coupon I found where you can get one for free just pay for shipping. It expires soon though.  Watch a video on how to use a tactical pen 

Go to The Light!

 A flashlight baton that is. If you are in a tough spot like maybe an intruder has broken into your home or something like that then a strike light could save your life. A strike light is basically a flashlight and a baton combined. Every police officer in America is issued one of these because they’re so effective.

What about a gun?

A firearm is, of course, an effective self-defense tool but honestly it’s not the most practical self-defense tool for everyday use for several reasons:

There are thousands of regulations on where and when you can have a gun

Guns aren’t cheap. Just a basic pistol can run you $200+

Guns are heavy and many people don’t want to carry them around. There are free concealed holsters but even then some might like the extra weight on their bodies all the time.

Getting a concealed carry permit can be tough or next to impossible in some jurisdictions.

A gun requires training or it could end up hurting you or a loved one rather than a would-be attacker.


At the end of the day, we never know when an attack might happen. Your absolute safest bet is to be ready at all times but keeping on guard always is a stressful life that most of us would rather not live. That’s If you have something like pepper spray or a strike pen with you that will serve as your mental shield in case of an unpleasant surprise and give you the power to fight back! Most attackers if they see you’re not just an easy target they’ll move on. If they sense that you’re afraid that’s when you get robbed. For many guys who have been victims of an attack, it wasn’t getting their stuff taken that hurt it was the beating to their manhood that hurt the most. That won’t happen to you if you’re prepared!

Getting a Girlfriend

How to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend

Okay so you’ve met this awesome girl and you really want to impress her but you’re not sure how. You want to come off good but you don’t want to seem like a needy freak.

Most men are terrified of talking to women because they think they’ll be written off as a needy chump who wants something from her.

It’s kind of like when you’re at the store, and one of the sales staff walks up to you, trying to pitch something. Most people would be more comfortable looking around first before asking any questions.

Women feel the same way when a stranger walks up to them. They feel that expectation to invest themselves in a conversation they have ZERO interest in.

Plus, from her point of view, it’s kind of jarring to have some random guy try to get something out of her (e.g. a phone number, promise of a date, etc.) when all she wants is to go about her business.

So it’s for this reason that guys can’t seem to overcome that mental hurdle of interacting with an attractive stranger. To them, there’s too much “at stake” for them to risk getting shot down within seconds of meeting a woman.

But the good news is that there really isn’t that much riding on a single conversation. It’s just the fear talking, which is really just the brain projecting a highly exaggerated doomsday scenario.

So, your goal should be to keep that inner voice at bay.

I could tell you that the worst she could do is say “no”, but that won’t really help you be more confident with women, would it?

Instead, I want to share a handful of strategies to make interacting with women feel more natural to you (and in effect, not make you creepy):

#1: Keep Your Head Clear

The main reason guys mess up with women is that they’re too worried about the unknown. Remember that fear I talked about? Most of that is focused on things that have YET to happen, like what she’ll say or the possibility of getting rejected.

And so when your mind is too wrapped up in something other than the PRESENT, you’ll be disengaged with women which isn’t an attractive vibe to give off.

That internal warning system in her head will go off (a.k.a. her Creep Radar) and she’ll think to herself, “What’s up with this guy? Why is he so tense? Should I be worried?”

One of the simplest ways be more attractive is by simply NOT caring about the end result of your actions.

You can worry about that later on; in the meantime, you need to care more about making her feel good (more on that later). Thinking about anything else is POISONOUS to your game.

#2: Relax!

I know that seems easy to say, but if you really think about the last tip, you’ll realize that logically, it doesn’t make sense to dwell on a potential outcome.

Aside from removing those distracting thoughts from your head, you’ll also have to work on both your verbal and non-verbal communication.

Try to remove any trace of hesitation in your body language and the way you convey your words. This is key because women will follow your lead, meaning she’ll feel nervous if you give her a reason to feel that way.

Just think about this: in your heart of hearts, you KNOW you’re an awesome dude who’s fun to be with. In fact, you’re making her life more interesting by interacting with her.

If you’re sensing a little aloofness from her or some negative body language, the trick is NOT to let those things mess with your head. Although it might seem that the natural thing to do is give in to her vibe, you should go against this urge.

But just because you want to FEEL that way, it doesn’t mean you actually should. Instead, rely on your own inner reality, namely that you’re a cool, funny guy she should get to know better. So, don’t let her own reaction deter you.

Yeah, she might end up turning you down – no biggie. All you need to say is “Oh well, thanks for your time though.” When you’re prepared to walk away with dignity, you truly have nothing to fear.

#3: Make Her Laugh

They say laughter is the best medicine, and it’s also the best icebreaker too.

But you’re not a standup comic, so you don’t have to bust into a set every time you see an attractive lady in your vicinity.

Be subtle with your jokes and use it as a way to make her wonder if you’re really into her or not. It doesn’t hurt to keep her guessing for a while – it’s all part of the game.

And if you do it right, she’ll be more than willing to play along.

Kevin, a client of mine, once flirted with a girl who was regularly delivering important documents and packages to their office. As it was, he often had to sign for the deliveries which he used as an opportunity to mess around with her.

He would frame his true feelings by saying stuff like, “Oh thank God you’re here! My boss was ready to rip my head off if he didn’t have the contract in his hands by now. You saved me once again…you’re too good to me. How’d a jerk like me get so lucky?”

Kevin would use this recurring “personal savior” theme whenever he ran into her. It grew on her so much that she didn’t even hesitate to say “yes” when he asked her out a few weeks later.

If he had simply told her how amazing she looked, Kevin would be just like every other loser out there trying to kiss a woman’s butt. To a girl, that’s not only unoriginal, but also creepy.

He knew that he had to set himself apart by masking his attraction for her in a unique way.

#4: Find Your “Way In”

Ok, so the other way to get into a woman’s good graces is by meeting her at some level that she can relate to.

For example, she’ll want you to appreciate her interests and passions. Not only that, she also needs you to understand WHY she likes those things in the first place.

And when you figure out what makes her tick, you’ll convey that kind of understanding she wants. That makes it way easier for her to think of you romantically.

Maybe she’s a nostalgia buff and tells you all about her WWII memorabilia or how she incorporates some vintage elements into her everyday outfits.

So you need to find a way to validate the root of her interests (i.e. hankering for a simpler time, fascination with an era she didn’t live in) and project her enthusiasm back to her.

Don’t worry – it’s not as hard as it sounds.

All you need to do is share an experience of your own with the same spirit and build on that. You can say something like:

“Oh yeah, I’m right there with you. One time I saw this documentary on the History Channel about the Cold War and I was really blown away by how close the U.S. and Russia came to going all-out. So much so that I drove a couple of hours on a whim to visit a museum which had some declassified spy artifacts from that time. There’s just that intrigue that comes with “going back in time”, don’t you think?”

So, you not only managed to appeal to her interests, but also showed her that you’re an interesting guy as well.

It wouldn’t have worked so well if you simply said, “Hey cool, vintage stuff is awesome! I’d definitely like to get into the whole retro scene myself, maybe I’ll order a Led Zeppelin shirt online, that would be sweet!”

That response would sound hollow. Again, she’ll feel suspicious that you’re just trying to pander to her – as opposed to being genuinely interested in what she has to offer.

So attracting women isn’t really rocket science at all. You just have to pay attention to the basic details of human interaction, and you’ll be golden with them.

Here’s another valuable tip worth remembering: your testosterone is the key to giving off that masculine essence that draws women like moths to a flame.

Without it, getting women to feel attracted to you is going to be a struggle, even if you know the right things to say. I suggest you learn how to keep your virility at its peak by preventing something called T-Bleed.

Luckily, it’s dead simple to do this – all you need to do is


Learn How to Get a Date on Tinder

It’s Saturday afternoon. You have no date and you’re alone in your studio apartment watching all the couples outside enjoying themselves.  Alright, you think you know how to get a date on tinder so you decide to kill some time on tinder. You swipe and swipe until you see her…


how to start a conversation with a girl on tinder
Omg she’s real!

At first you think ‘oh spam bot’ but you check and discover…holy shit she’s real!

You decide to hit her up but you don’t want to seem thirsty so you play it cool…


No reply…

“What’s happenin”

No reply…

“Hey baby show me some love”

You have been blocked…

Rejected again!

You feel a punch on your gut and you ask yourself

“Will I ever get out of this  fucking rut?’

“How do I get a date on trindr?!”

This is exactly what a young man that came into my office had experienced. He was recently made single and wanted to get back in the dating scene but he just couldn’t get his mojo back.

I worked with him and after about 8 sessions, eventually, he ended up finding a good girl. He says things are going well and has no complaints. He even sent this photo to show his progress.

How did I help him?

First and foremost let’s get one thing out of the way.  If you’re here just looking for cheesy one-liners this isn’t the right article website. I’ve never seen a one-liner work outside of scripted television and I doubt one will work for you.

If you’re here it’s because you’re looking to make a girl crave you and not just piss her off to be annoying.

If you are tired of tinder want a new site for women that are willing then try Ashely Madison. They’ve made a comeback in the last year and they are looking to serve guys that are just looking for open minded dating.

Let’s start off with the basics on how to get a date on Tinder

Increase your appeal on Tinder by:

1. Improving your pictures – you can find some guidance online. But in general, professionally taken pics, you not looking in the camera and not smiling have been proven to be successful (although some girls prefer guys who look at the camera;)

2. Improving your description – do write something, it shows you are making a little effort to seduce. In doing so, please avoid clichés (most men like sports, traveling and good food) write about what makes you special and unique or funny. No inspiration? Ask your friends and family what they think makes you unique.

3. Make an effort- “hey” isn’t going to cut it! If you want a girl that’s normally out of your league you better put some effort into it and show her you’re willing to work for her hand! You should message her like she’s the absolute girl of your dreams!

A good opener on tinder should be a message that demonstrates you actually read her profile. Let’s say you read Denise’s profile she says in her profile that she’s a student, loves rabbits, and her favorite color is pink.

A good opener would be something like this:

Hey Denise,

Just wanted to say what’s up. What do you study?  When I was a kid I had a rabbit his name was Oscar; getting  him was the best Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten! Too bad he wasn’t pink though! Haha!

You see!

It isn’t necessary to write an entire paragraph in order to make a good tinder opener. You just need to show her that you put some effort and that you’re looking for more than to just get in her pants (even if that’s all you’re looking for).

In that opening, you’ve created at least at 4 different avenues of productive conversation.

  1. Talking about school- you can ask her what her major is. You can talk about what you’re studying and what does she plan to do with her life when she finishes school. These are just a few examples.
  2. Talking about rabbits. You can talk about your rabbit and ask her why she loves rabbits so much
  3. Talking about your childhoods
  4. Talking about your favorite colors

A really good thing is you’ve shown her you have a sense of humor and made her chuckle. Once you’ve made a girl laugh you’re already halfway through the door!

What you say to a girl is very important!

Assuming you’ve already done that let’s go into the nitty-gritty of how to get a date on tinder.

Be Physically Appealing Yourself

We guys will always go for a good looking girl every time. While it is true women don’t base attraction on looks nearly as much as we do sorry Sam but looks do matter!

In the case of my client, we’ll call him Jonas, in the case of Jonas he had gained a few since his girlfriend broke up with him and it showed. He had a nice gut hanging over his belt which wasn’t attractive for a 22-year-old.

I gave it to him straight.

“Son if you want a girl like that you’re gonna have to lose some weight”

He said he knew and asked what’s the fastest healthy way to lose weight and I told him the key to weight loss was sitting right on his kitchen table!

Create Good Karma

Okay, so let’s say you’re not overweight but you’re still not getting the results you desire on tinder. The next step is to create good karma for yourself. I am a firm believer in you reap what you sow! 

How did you treat this girl when she hit you up on tinder? 

Don’t get me wrong its perfectly fine to not be interested in someone but the way you express disinterest determines what kind of energy you put into the world.

If you replied to her with ‘yeah right bitch’ just remember that the next time a girl blocks you on tinder. If you just didn’t reply or politely told her you weren’t interested then you’re doing just fine.

What if You’re Not Rich and You’re Not Hot?

Maybe now you’re thinking okay I already knew that stuff but I’m still not getting dates on Tinder! I’m not rich and I will never be hot what do I do?

Don’t worry about that!

We’re not all 6-foot jocks and yet many of us still can get a date on Tinder or any other app.  The trick is to make her think you’re hot! 

I’m not kidding!

There are about 5 secret triggers in the female brain that you can use to make her think you’re hot even if you’re not. Once you’ve learned them you won’t need to worry about ‘oh I’m too short, oh I’m too pale, or oh I’m too thin ever again!

One of the things you must do is learn how to fake it until you make it!

Girls love confidence but hate cockiness.  Where is the line is something many guys often struggle with.

Here are some tips to skate that line between confidence and cockiness perfectly!

Girls see how you treat others.

I was sitting in the bus one day and I saw this really cute couple. He was good looking and so was she but what made him attractive wasn’t what you might think. He was actually kinda skinny and just average height.

What made him appealing was how he treated those around him. An old lady stepped onto the bus and he immediately got up and offered his seat to her.

She said ‘oh no no that’s okay’ but he insisted she take his seat and he stood for the rest of the bus ride.

At first, I thought ‘oh what a nice guy’ just like everyone else. That is until I saw the smile on his girlfriend’s face. At that moment she was proud to be his girlfriend and I knew he was gonna get her best sex that night.

That’s why he did that!

Girls love a guy that treats others with respect because it gives her confidence that you won’t turn on her and be an asshole down the line.

Stand up for her!

I was out with one of a girlfriend one night at a football game and the guy in front of us was being totally obnoxious. He was yelling, showing his fat belly, and frenching his girlfriend in front of everyone.

He didn’t care that he was annoying everyone else around him he only cared about himself. I was about to say something when my girl said ‘hey men tone it down you’re ruining it for everyone’.

To which all 6’3  of him stood up and told her to fuck off.  All 5’8 of me immediately stood up and said ‘what the fuck did you say?’. He repeated it. I told him if he didn’t apologize the consequences would be severe.

Long story short a fight ensued and I lost…badly…

All I remember is being dazed and two security guards breaking us up.  I felt terrible having just gotten my ass kicked in front of my girlfriend.

I hadn’t spoken in the car when she said:

“Wow John that was amazing”.

“What?” I replied confused.

She said ‘yeah you took on that guy for me and I’ve never had a guy do that for me before”.

“But I lost”

“I don’t give  shit. You took on a 6’3 black guy…Just the fact that you did it makes me so happy and she whispered ‘and turned on’. “

The next night after I recovered lets just say she made me forget about all my bumps and bruises!

Are you serious? Then try this…

Are you serious about a relationship? Maybe you’re ready to settle down? Consider a more legitimate dating site. I’ve found that sites that require payment weed out a lot of the wierdos & trolls. There are many different sites to chose from. The ones I would comfortable recommending to you are eharmony,, and


But let’s not get ahead of ourselves

You still need to get a date in the first place. To sum things up if you want to know how to get a date on Tinder here’s what you must do:

  1. Tired of tinder? Try Ashley Madison or Adult Friend Finder
  2. Be as physically appealing as you can (see if keto is right for you)
  3. Have good pictures (wiki how to take good selfies)
  4. Put effort into your profile description
  5. Make an effort when you message her to talk about her interests right away
  6. Learn More at Conversion Chemistry

How to Avoid Being Friendzoned!

So you want to know how to avoid being friendzoned?  I get male clients of all ages coming into my office telling me that they want to date but always get friendzoned by the girl that they like!   Here are my top 10 tips on how to avoid being friendzoned!

Lets start off by saying what being friendzoned really means

Despite some of the rheotoric you may hear online a friendzone is nothing short of a rejection. If a girl is friendzoning you that’s really bad news and it doesn’t mean she wants to be your friend either.

Girls friendzone guys because its a nice way to reject them. Period. Really , though if you’ve already made your move you won’t be friends much longer as it would just be too awkward.

That’s why the friendzone is more like a black hole. There’s no getting out of it most times.

1. Listen to her!

This seems easy but it’s not. People when having a debate or discussion often prioritize on what they want to hear and never end up noticing a feeble voice from a corner trying to make an entry into the conversation.

They think they listen to everyone but no they don’t. When a girl is sitting with you in a gang make sure that everyone listens to her thoughts and know how she feels.

Best way to do this is to ask for her opinion, conveying indirectly that her opinion matters. That’s a heads up for you because now you are no longer in her friendzoned list.

2. Text her first

This one is easy. But that does not mean a good morning and a good night would suffice. Talk to her and be very casual. Engage in conversations which u would normally do with your friends.

Keep this as a regular habit, so that she gets used to the fact that when she gets up in the morning your name always pops up in the message box. But whenever your busy , then just because u never texted …. Surprise !! She will text u first. Win win !!

3. Make Eye Contact

Women like confident men. That’s an obvious thing. You don’t need to be a jerk and look flirty enough to scare her away. Look straight into her eyes while she talks.

Look at her when she enters the room. Look at her when she is sitting with a bunch of people along with you. Do not try a lame romantic look( you don’t need to try that hard, just look …. Not in a creepy way!!)

4. Say Hi!

I know sometimes you feel why the heck she notices and never says hi. Don’t be the shy person here when considering the fact that you are the one perusing her.

Girls say hi too!

But literally don’t wait for it. Sometimes when you never say Hi first !! She might end up thinking you have an attitude. Girls hate attitude in guys!! Only girls can play a bad attitude well not guys. Sorry

–>Take this quiz to see how well you know how to talk to girls

5. Ask her out casually

When you are speaking to her , try to tell her what your plans are for the weekend and ask her about HER plans. Usually she would say just chilling at home and nothing else.

That’s the queue for you to ask if she wants to come hiking or trekking with you. If you are a shy guy don’t worry , asking her to join your group of friends would be great too. That’s is not exactly a date but you would now have a stronger relationship as friends.

6. Hold the door for her

This shows concern and care. If you don’t show that via this particular action then I don’t think you can have a girl in future. Girls notice everything​ about you, you should know that.

They notice if you hold the door or not. The first thing that a girl thinks when you don’t hold the door is that , you are a self centered person who has 0 percent interest in her.

That’s is the least you would want. Also do not try to avoid helping her with anything that she asks you.

7. Compliment her

You do not need to do this often. But at least try to once in a while just to show that you do notice her. That means a lot to girls. Some statements as simple as “ pretty dress” stays in their head for a week. (Trust me!!)

If you see her let her know. Oh wow that outfit really works for you. That’s especially more helpful than saying nice dress because it conveys that you see she really knows how to put herself together and you acknowledge the effort she put into looking nice.

Trust me women do put a lot of effort into looking nice! You’ll gain a thousand points acknowledging it!

Note of caution!

Women are on the look out for man whores and just jerks that want to get into their pants! That’s why you need to be careful to not just compliment her appearance.

Make sure you also compliment something non-physical like her intelligence or her talents. Girls love to be called smart so you definitely want to touch on that as well.

8. Do not flirt with other girls around her !! Nahh that never works

This is a huge myth that says ,.. boys who flirt around with other girls in front of their crush have 90 % chance to make her jealous and also convey indirectly that the boy is limited edition (Mr Charming ) .

A girl who already has a bunch of boys trying to impress her would never second the notion that you are genuinely interested in her when you go around flirting with others. No don’t do that!!! (Major Fail)

I honestly don’t know who started this lie and how so many guys bought it! How would you feel if a girl was flirting with other guys around you? Would that make you want her more or just make you think she’s a slut?

9. Be Mysterious and Easy to talk to at the same time

I know that this is confusing. But this one is very simple. Do not tell her everything that has ever happened in your life. Let her keep guessing till the end.

At the same time also do not be too silent when she trying to have a hearty conversation with you. There are multiple ways of expressing your emotions without letting out your past details.

If you don’t know how to express , then ask her about how she is able to express so perfectly.

Learn how to be mysterious! 

10. Dress decent

Last but not the least , this one is the toughest. Boys being casual makes them think they are the cool dudes of the universe. No boys you need to buckle up and know how to groom yourself.

Girls are not that picky when it comes to boys. Remember it’s not the girls who marry beautiful men. It is always the other way round. So don’t worry if you are not beautiful(handsome).

Girls fall for the personality i,e the way boys carry themselves and the way they talk and move. You don’t need to dress expensive, just dress simple but classy.

For extra credits :

11. Tease her a little

Do not go over the top by humiliating her in front of everybody. Do it in a mild way and make her laugh. This will make her think that you see her as a close friend and not just a friend.

Here are some examples:

Good tease:

“Oh remember when you told off that rude waiter in front of everyone? I was like damn this girl has more balls than I do!”

Bad tease:

“Remember that awful dress you wore last week? I wasn’t sure if that was your or a balooga whale!”

If you notice the good tease was actually a compliment while the bad tease as just an insult that will get you friendzoned at best and physically assaulted at worst.

Which brings me to a cardinal rule of teasing: Never ever say anything negative about a women’s weight or appearance! This goes even if she asks you and insists ‘oh its okay I want you to be honest”. Girls want the illusion that they’re pretty no matter what.

There’s no joke or any tease about a woman’s weight that will put you in her good graces. If you want to know more about effective teasing here’s a great way to learn.