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You may be miles away from a working outlet when crap! Your cell phone’s battery is dead! This is what makes the PowerCard USB Charger a must-have survival tool. This power-packed charger is no bigger than a credit card so you can take it with you on the go and make sure you have a reliable backup power supply when you need one. If you or a loved one is ever stuck, stranded, or otherwise in need of emergency services, then a dead cell phone battery could literally make the difference between life or death. Make sure you’re always equipped to handle next to anything by purchasing your own PowerCard today.

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3 replies on “Power Card Charger”

These things are amazing. I have two of them. Will take an iPhone6 from 14% to 60+% on a full charge. I use mine at work so that my phone can charge and still be mobile. The only downside is that the card has to be charged. As soon as I use it, I immediately plug it in to recharge before putting it back in my bag. This product has prevented my phone from total death, as well as preventing me from being glued to some wall socket. Just remember to keep it charged and you’re good to go. A lifesaver times ten if you use your phone a lot.

If you have an iPhone, just make sure to also have a cord with you. The only cord included is the Micro USB cable (which it clearly says in the description).
Update: I thought this battery was no longer able to hold a charge, and about to recycle it. After trying a few things, I discovered that over time the connection between the charging cord and the battery had become loose. The battery DOES recharge, but I now have to be very careful to ensure the cord is at a perfect angle, or it will not work. Still no problem when charging my phone from the battery.

Extremely compact and portable. Very easy to use, just one button, intuitive lights show charging level. Well built unit. Revived my HTC One M8 from having no charge at all. A fully charged Monster Cable Mobile PowerCard Portable Battery managed to recharge my phone to about 50 percent of the battery capacity. Not sure, if there is any charger this size that could do more than that. So far, I have not found one. I am rarely someplace that an additional 50 percent charge would not hold me over until I can recharge again at home. All in all, I am very satisfied with this product.

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