How Patriotic Are You?

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Find out how patriotic you truly are with this quiz!

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How many stars are on the American flag?

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The residence of the President of the United States is known as the:

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During the national anthem all able-bodiedĀ individuals should be required to stand.

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Where did most of the workers for the transcontinental railroad come from?

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Who was known as the conductor of the underground railroad?

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Who is the author of the national anthem?

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Who said the famous phrase "Give me liberty or give me death!" ?

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The foundering fathers never intended the judiciary branch to make law. It is, in fact, very dangerous to give unelected judges with lifetime appointments that much power.

This is evidenced by the fact that the constitution gives no enforcement power to the judiciary whatsoever.

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Abraham Lincoln was one of the founding fathers

9 out of 20

Who is often said to be theĀ "Father of the US Constitution"?

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Who was the 2nd president of the United States?

11 out of 20

Who was theĀ only president to-date to pay off the national debt?

12 out of 20

Which was the last state to join the union?

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Was Richard Nixon impeached?

14 out of 20

Impeachment means removing a president from office

15 out of 20

Only democratic presidents–Andrew Johnson & Bill Clinton–have ever been impeached

16 out of 20

How do you lean politically?

17 out of 20

Do you feel like if you were open about your political beliefs that your safety could be in danger?

18 out of 20

Have you ever considered carrying self defense weapon to protect your safety?

19 out of 20

Do you feel like a self defense weapon would be useful in a threatening situation?

20 out of 20

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