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Let’s face it, dating can be tough for Christians. We want to date someone that shares our values and that can be tough in a society that tends to ever increasingly mock Christians. That’s why if we want to find  Christians then we need to go where  Christians are. Remember, faith without work is dead.

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The obvious choice is the church but sadly a lot of churches are small and frankly have very limited options–especially if you are a female. I’ve seen the male/female ratio in some churches as bad as 1/30! There has to be a better way. There’s Tinder but we all know that place is a meat market and frankly can drain your soul. I do know people who met their soulmate on Tinder and I have an article on how to improve your chances on Tinder.  However, you’ll have to dig through a lot of dirt before you get to any gold on there.

The next choice is dating sites. If you are only interested in free dating sites then OkCupid is the apogee of free dating sites with Plenty of Fish being a close second. However, if you want to have a site do a lot of work for you by creating a community just for Christians then Christian Mingle is the site to go. The site creates an environment for Christians by Christians.

Christian Mingle is the world’s largest Christian dating community

Christian Mingle has over 16 million users to date and is growing every day.  What I like about paid sites is that people who are actually willing to put their money where their mouths are, tend to be more serious than someone that set up a profile by connecting their facebook account for free.  Another site I like is eharmony. That’s where I met my wife. However, eharmony isn’t cheap and the questionnaire takes a long time (up to 40 minutes). Christian Mingle used to let you set up your profile and review your matches for free. Check to see if they still do that.

If you are considering joining the Christian Mingle Community the site is a good resource for Christians who are looking for a life partner. In fact, it’s the largest Christian dating site in the world–boasting a membership if 16 million+.  However, there are some cons that need to be considered so in order for you to make an informed decision I will give you the Christian Mingle Pros & Cons.

Christian Mingle Pros:

  • Extremely easy to set up a profile. You can just import your Facebook information with one click, answer a few questions, and start seeing your matches
  • Christian Mingle has a very large member base with over 16 million Christian singles.
  • The Statement of Faith listed on the website is Biblically based and accurate.
  • The website is clean and does not use sex to sell their service.
  • Part of a large Christian network of sites that are all Christian based and work to spread the Christian faith.
  • Sign up is completely free as well as browsing through your matches.
  • Offers real Christian singles in your own area.
  • Gives its members an entire page outlining how to keep you safe while using their site.

Christian Mingle Cons:

  • Christian Mingle doesn’t perform background checks on its members which means you don’t get as much security as you do with eharmony.
  • As with any online dating website, the member profiles on Christian Mingle may not be accurate for both descriptions and photos.
  • While Christian Mingle is designed for Christian singles, there is no guarantee that all the members are indeed Christian. They do have a questionnaire to help determine how on fire for Jesus they really are though.
  • While sign up and browsing is free, this is a paid service that is offered and if you find somebody or some members of interest you will have to pay a small fee in order to begin talking to and getting to know them


Christian Mingle is an affordable way for Christian singles to meet other Christians. It’s not perfect but for those who like POF style websites, they will find it to be a great place to get started on their dating journey.

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