10 Awesome Self Defense Gadgets

It’s 9pm on a Wednesday night. You’ve been working late for the past week to meet a deadline. You’re finally on your way home and you hear a BOOM! You’ve got a flat. You call AAA and they say a tow truck won’t be out for an hour and a half!

You decide to change the tire yourself since it’s a clear night and you’re in a good neighborhood. You get your tools out including your flashlight and the spare from the trunk. Thanks to your bright flashlight you manage to get the blown out tire off quite easily Then just when you’re about to start screwing in the lug nuts for the new tire you hear a voice.

“Give me your wallet!” You look up and two guys with sky masks are standing above you. “Excuse me?” You reply “I said gimme your f*%king wallet!”. Your heart sinks into your stomach with fear. That is, until you realize that you came prepared.

“Look fellas I don’t want any trouble so how about you kids just move on about your business?” You say without trying to sound scared.

They begin to laugh…

“You betta gimme that damn money!” The other one yells.

“Not gonna happen” You reply.

They move in to attack you but then you pickup your flashlight (which is actually a flashlight baton) and shine it in their faces temporarily blinding them. Then you whack the first one on the head! He falls to the ground and you jab the other in the belly with it’s rugged edges! You call the police as both men are running/limping away!

Flashlight Baton Price: Check Price

The world can be a scary place sometimes and you don’t want to be caught off guard. There’s no describing how good it feels to know you’re ready should the need arise. With these concealable self-protection tools, no one but you will know you’re armed either. The best part is a lot (not all) of these gadgets are free for a limited time!

1. The Strike Pen: Price: 54.99

This is by far my favorite! It’s a knife, bottle opener, flat-head screwdriver, HEX wrench, bottle opener,  LED mini-flashlight, and actual writing pen all into one! Plus the batteries are included. It also fits into your pocket and no one but you would know what it really is! My favorite part? It’s free! I found a limited of time coupon for you guys to get a strike pen for free just pay a shipping charge!

2. Tac-Lite Flashlight: Price: Free

Don’t be fooled by its size. This flashlight packs quite a punch. It can spit out over 5500K of Cold White Light and is adjustable with 1100ft. Trust me you wouldn’t want that light in your face and neither would a would-be attacker. This can disorient almost any attacker to make him leave you alone. It’s also much more though! It’s a perfect housemate in case of a power outage or a perfect camping tool.  Here’s a coupon so you get this free!

3. Pepper Spray: Price: Check price

Pepper spray is an oldie but goodie. It’s a tried and true method to stop an attacker. The reason I’m presenting a type of pepper spray gun instead of the classic canister is that in my experience those tiny canisters can be difficult to handle in a split second situation. You need something that’s easy to whip out your pocket and more importantly easy to aim!

5. Knife Credit Card: Price: Check Price

It looks like a credit card it’s actually a knife. What’s so awesome about this EDC personal protection device is that you don’t have to worry about remembering to take it with you. You just have it in your wallet like your driver’s license and other credit cards. Plus anytime you need a knife it’ll be there wherever you are!

6. Screaming Whistle: Price: Check Price

How is a whistle a self-defense tool?  First off this is no ordinary whistle. For one thing, there is no pea. This whistle was designed to be super load creating a shriek of 100 decibels (that’s as loud as a jackhammer) and to work in almost any condition!  Most muggers are just looking for an easy target to get some quick cash or something they sell quickly for cash. They don’t want any attention drawn to them. A watched an episode of the Today Show where they interviewed a career mugger and he said he was able to mug a woman and she had a whistle and blowing it made him run away. Making a lot of noise is one of the best deterrents to a mugger out there!

8. iPac T-Shirt: Price: Check Price

Okay so this isn’t exactly a self defense gadget but it’s pretty darn cool! It comes in the standard sizes from S-XXXL. This T-shirt is something you can wear to the firing range, to church (just kidding), or just out and about. It could serve as a deterrent to a would-be attacker as well! Plus you get three free bonuses through the company if you get it through them today.

Whichever gadget you chose just remember your best tool is to be prepared!

There are many ways to protect yourself; in fact, many people take concealed weapons courses to receive training and earn a permit to legally carry a gun. And can you blame them? According to the Women’s Self-Defense Institute, somewhere in the United States, the following crimes will be committed against women within the next hour:

Type of Crime Total Committed
Theft 900
Violent crime 189
Assault 124
Robbery 66
Sexual assault 24
Rape 12
Murder 2

The sad truth is that crime in America is going up! According to the New York Times violent crime in America increased once again in 2017.  That’s why it is imperative that we are all prepared to defend ourselves when the time comes! I’ll tell you personally that a firearm can be a highly effective tool if you are properly trained on how to operate one but you must be careful in some states you might face charges if you kill someone even if it is in self-defense. Guns aren’t toys, period! You could end up causing a very tragic accident if you are not careful. That being said, If you do choose to carry and are properly trained there are free concealed gun holsters you can get so you can have your piece with you at nearly all times.

This is why I generally don’t recommend a firearm for the average person. The average person needs a personal defense device that is familiar, easy to operate, and unlikely to cause accidental harm to its owner. The reality is that crime is a problem and the number one statement I always hear from victims is “I didn’t think it was going to be me. You always think it’s going to be someone else”.  However, you don’t have to be a victim! If you stay aware and have the right tool(s) to protect yourself then you won’t have to worry anymore!


My name is Cameron and I started this blog To help those who are looking for love and need to defend themselves.

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