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How to Know Your Filipina Girlfriend Is Marriage Material

One big problem with dating Filipinas is the paradox of choice. We guys have so many options but we don’t feel there are a lot of good choices out there. The truth is there are a ton of good choices in The Philippines its just that we’ve become so jaded and picky that we don’t see what great options there are right in front of us.

That’s why I wanted to write this article to give you an idea of when she’s ‘the one’. You know it’s really sad when I meet guys that have been here for years and they’re bitter and jaded and still alone. You know the guys I’m talking about. The guys that are always insulting Filipinas in expat groups and whatnot.  I hope this list will help you determine if your Filipina is the one or not. Of course, this is something that can and should be determined by you but it is my hope that this list will be a general guideline.

First and foremost is if she hasn’t asked for money and even better if she won’t accept money.

Filipinas know their country has a reputation for gold diggers and scammers. That’s why a good girl will do everything she can to abrogate that fear in you. A decent Filipina won’t complain about her finances and her family won’t complain about their finances either. And I mean both literally and figuratively.

Some times they won’t ask for money directly but they’ll say things like ‘oh I don’t have fare to go home’ or ‘omg my family’s house needs a need roof’. Stay away from those girls because you know what she’s after.

Guys listen, you don’t need to try to buy a person here. Sometimes we’ve been socialized back home to believe that the only way to get a young beautiful woman to fall in love with us is to try to buy her. But that’s not the case here in The Philippines. Filipinas are very forgiving when it comes to age.

A good way to weed out a scammer is to offer a little bit of money such as a load or to pay for her fare. If she asks for more afterward you now she’s after money. If she accepts it but doesn’t ask for more later you’ve got a B+ girl. If she refuses to take it then you’ve hit the jackpot!

Second, are you comfortable being naked around her?

How comfortable are you walking out of the shower butt naked in front of her? If for some reason you feel embarrassed for her to see your body then you may need to spend some more time her before popping the question.

Also, how comfortable is she being naked in front of you? If she’s too scared to be naked in front of you because you may want sex with her then that’s bad. She should be 100% comfortable to be nude with you.

Which leads me to my third point is sex for her a chore?

Does she just tolerate you on top of her or can you feel that energy and excitement when you guys are in bed together? Some people say it’s shallow to break up with someone over sex but I disagree. Sex can tell you a lot about a person.

If you happen to be a Filipina reading this and you’re with a man and as soon as he finishes it’s over, your orgasm be damned then he’s probably a selfish prick. If you’re a guy and she won’t initiate and she’s as dry as the Sahara desert it’s a sign there may be some physical attraction issues.

If you’re having to practically beg her for intimacy and it’s not changing even after making a genuine attempt to make sure her needs are being met I feel that’s a legitimate reason to end the relationship.

Fourth, can you enjoy each other’s company without doing something?

Can you just chill with her in your house and enjoy the time or does there always have to be some plan in place to enjoy each other’s company? You two should be able to enjoy each other without there having to be some sort of catalyst activity involved. 

The two most important things

Does she share your values? I don’t just mean she parrots whatever you say I mean does she truly share your core values? Are you both spenders or savers? Are you both of the same faith? Can you talk to her without a filter?

Lastly, Do you want the same things in life? If she’s a young woman chances are high she’s going to want kids. Are you ready to go through child rearing again? If you want to go back to your country is she on board with that or does she not want to leave her family behind in The Philippines. When I was dating I had a relationship break up over this very thing. That’s really important and you need to discuss that when you first get together. Don’t think that ‘oh so long as we love each other those things will work themselves out’. I got very hurt thinking that way. 

My Final Thought

If you have doubts you should not get married. Marriage is not a joke and it’s not to be taken lightly. It’s a promise to her and to God that you will be with this person forever and ever. Don’t take it lightly.

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