The Best Self Defense Weapons You Can Carry on a Plane

What are some self defense weapons you can carry on a plane?

That’s a question I hear quite frequently and the simple answer is the TSA doesn’t allow you take any weapon or anything that could be used as a with you on a plane. This is for a very good reason as the 9/11 hijackers used simple box cutters.  The TSA has a large section of their website dedicated to what can and can’t be taken on an airplane.

Not tactical pens!

By the way I’ve seen people try to sneak tactical pens onto a plane. Please don’t do this. A tactical pen is a heavy metal object that even the most rudimentary metal detectors could pick up.  TSA officers are specifically trained to look for and spot tactical pens. Seeing as law enforcement officers carry these things they’re easy to spot and will end up in the graveyard of thousands of others that have been confiscated from people.

So what can you bring?

Maybe you’re thinking now that you’re out of luck? Not necessarily! Just because you can’t bring a gun or a tactical pen on a plane it doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can carry with you. The key is it can’t be obvious that it’s a personal protection device In fact thinking of a tactical pen is going in the right direction just not quite far enough,

Here are some everyday carry weapons that could easily get past security to get on an airplane.

A Scream Whistle 

This isn’t an ordinary whistle. Blowing into it creates a sound of a 100 decibels. That’s louder than a jackhammer! Trust me you when I say it’s shill and loud. You wouldn’t want this blown in your ear. Also, causing a scene by making a lot noise is a great tool to defend yourself against any surprise attack whether it be a mugger or purse snatcher.

A Small Taclite Flashlight 

A flashlight is another inconspicuous self protection device that I’ve personally traveled with many many times. The reason it gets by security so easily is because most people just don’t realize the power of a flashlight. This isn’t your ordinary flashlight. It’s small but powerful pumping out 300 lumens of light visible up to 1100 feet! It has a strobe function that is nauseating to look at giving you plenty of time to fight or flee.

A Knife Card

This goes in the maybe pile. A knife card is what it sounds like a knife that looks like a credit card. These things are very inconspicuous as they easily fit into your wallet and are virtually indistinguishable for other credit cards. I’ve had friends who have successfully gotten through with these guys but it’s not a guarantee. Seeing as you can get them for free nowadays if it does get taken you’ve lost nothing but the small shipping charge.

Your brain

All in all the best self defense tool you have is the one that God gave you. Your brain. If you learn how to keep calm in a surprise situation almost anything can be used as a self defense weapon. I’ve heard of people defending themselves with something as insignificant as a ballpoint pen or a pencil. At the end of the day nothing beats your brain when it comes to defending yourself.


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