The Choice for Best Christian Dating Site for Marriage is Clear

The Choice for Best Christian Dating Site for Marriage is Clear

Have you decided that you are ready to find the right person to become your lawfully wedded spouse for life? You know you want a good Christian partner but you’re not sure where to look. You look on so-called ‘Christian dating sites’ but you still find a lot of people that aren’t serious or worse yet not even Christian.  So what’s the best Christian dating site for marriage? The choice is clear, eharmony.

E-harmony caters to Christian dating

We all know that worldly dating and Christian dating are not the same thing–not even close. The world tells you to find someone that either you find physically appealing or has a lot of money, shack up with them and see how it goes.  God tells us to save our bodies until marriage which means living with our boyfriend or girlfriend before marriage just isn’t an option. Also, most Christian dating advisors suggest dating no longer than a year.

If that’s the case how do we make sure we’re with the right person without living with them? Simple, we make sure we are matched properly. In the olden days, couples were introduced to each other by mutual friends. Others often see us better than we see ourselves and those who care about you deeply know who is best for us. Nowadays we’re more isolated thanks to technology-Christians even more so.

That’s where eharmony comes in. They’re the closest thing to a human matchmaker I’ve ever seen. They have a scientifically based algorithm based on 29 dimensions which they use to match you with the most compatible partner. This means no kissing a ton of toads to finally get to your prince. This reduces the need to attempt pre-marital cohabitation and commit sin.

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Eharmony has Christian roots

Neil Clark Warren is a psychologist and a proud Christian. He together with his son-in-law spent years tinkering with the algorithm in order to help Christians seek real partners without the need to commit sin.  In the year 2000 eharmony was born.

They do a great job of weeding out the insincere

The site has a whole system in place set up to weed out those who aren’t serious about marriage. First, is the fact that it’s not free. People who are serious tend to put their money where their mouths are. That’s why women who have used Tinder and other free sites have reported receiving inappropriate messages from male suitors that weren’t serious. My wife told me when she used Tinder all she got were guys that were still living with their parents, weren’t serious, and certainly not Christian.

Then there’s the questionnaire. The length of the survey (can take up to 40 minutes) is often an iron rod for criticism but I consider it the site’s greatest strength. Someone that took the time to do a 40-minute survey is far more likely to be serious about finding a partner than someone that just clicked the “Sign up with Facebook” button.

The site takes security seriously

If you’re a woman then chances are good you take security very seriously. If that’s the case then eharmony’s got you covered.  They have numerous methods to ensure the security and safety of their users. While they don’t make all of their methods public for obvious reasons a few of them are the RelyID service where the user’s background information is verified. You can set your preferences to only receive messages from those who have undergone and passed this check. They also offer Secure Connect to make anonymous voice and video calls. It’s a service that allows you to use your personal phone to communicate with another user without revealing your contact info.

Unlike other sites that put profit over the customer, eharmony boasts one of the highest rejection rates in the industry. They’ve rejected about 20% of their applicants that didn’t pass their security standards. In 2007, eharmony stated since the site’s launch, they had rejected about a million people who applied to use the service. They reported that about 30% of those applicants were denied because they were already married, 27% were younger than the minimum application age of 21, and 9% provided inconsistent answers on the application. eharmony also stated they reject anyone under the age of 60 who has been married more than four times or fails their “dysthymia scale.”

I met my wife on eharmony

Read my story of how I met my wife on eharmony.

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  1. Jane

    I tried to sign up here for the first time ever to use a dating site but I found it very hard to sign up and use eharmony. What’s your advice?

    1. Jake Carlson

      Can you please tell me what happened when you tried to sign up? Did you do the questionnaire?

  2. Curtis

    I met my wife on eharmony. Before I tried everything from okcupid to tinder but I kept getting duds instead of dates. I had heard of eharmony but I was reluctant to pay for a dating site. I went ahead and did the questionnaire and got my matches. After about 2 weeks this awesome girl appeared in my matches and so I just said ‘screw it’ and paid so I could send her a message. I knew during our first date that she was different than all the other girls I had talked to before. She just seemed sincere but not overbearing. 1 year and a half later I married my best friend.

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