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The Search for Love – How to Find a Filipina Wife

A lot of people always claimed that you’re not supposed to look for love. But that’s always been a bit of a tricky statement. Obviously, you’re not meant to sit around your house and wait for someone to waltz in. But then there are the brave souls who crushed that notion and looked for the one that they deemed was meant for them.

Lucky are the ones who found the right love. Some aren’t very fortunate as the rest which might be the category that you’re in. You got your heart broken, the marriage didn’t work out, you realized that you two weren’t on a break and that it’s over, for real.

By that time, you’ve aged and more than that, you’re not sure if you can find a girl half your age that will take you seriously. Then you see these other men married to Filipino women- young, attractive, and sweet women- they’re in a good and stable marriage, the kind that you’re vying for. You realize that Filipinos aren’t just hard-working individuals, but they’re capable of loving you in a way that you deserve to be loved and to take care of you and smother you with TLC.

So, the question of where and how you search for love turns into how to find a Filipina wife. Lucky you because I might know a thing or two.

Dating Sites/Social Media

With the advent of technology, there’s this thing that the kids call ‘sliding into your dms’ these days. You’re technically not going to slide into a Filipinas dms (direct or private messages), but you can swipe right when you spot a Filipina on Tinder. There are so many dating sites available and if you have the right filter, you can land yourself the wife material that you’re looking for, in the Asian category.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, maybe your age might not make you a fan of the two latter mentioned, but you sure are of the former. Facebook allows you to add friends of your choosing. Just like dating sites or apps, you can customize your search box so you can add a nice Filipina and ‘slide into her dms’ or messenger, still the same thing. Although be careful of the scammers.

Travel to the Philippines

Other than the dating sites and social media, ultimately, you’re going to have to head to the Philippines and find the girl for you. You can’t order them through a catalog and although mail order brides have survived until now, that doesn’t mean it’s something that you ought to do. There’s something more genuine about flying to the other side of the world to find yourself a suitable wife and learning about Filipino culture is an added bonus too.

Of course, before you do this, it might be best if you know who you’re meeting with which kind of makes this one coincides with the dating sites and social media because at least you know who you’re seeing and not just paying for overpriced plane tickets. It’s wiser to virtually meet your Filipina before personally meeting her.

Filipino Cupid

Yes, this site is legit so if you’re seriously considering marrying a Filipina, then you better sign yourself to it now. This is the largest Filipino dating site to date with 3,500,000 members and there had been hundreds and thousands of arrows shot by FilipinoCupid that actually worked out.

Filipina Kisses

If you want your odds to grow, then maybe you should sign up to FilipinoKisses too. It may not be quite as large as FilipinoCupid but it’s a fast-growing site. But do note that Filipino Kisses is a lot better dating site if you’re looking for a holiday hook-up while FilipinoCupid is the real deal, the marriage kind of deal.

Asian Mail Order Brides

Mail order brides have survived this long and there are sites that you could check that have Filipinas signed into them. It’s easier than the dating apps and at least you know how it’s supposed to work. Besides, if marriage is exactly what you’re looking for and you’re not too keen on the dating phase then this is probably the right option for you to choose.

Why Do Filipinas Make A Good Wife?

What makes Filipinas so desirable to foreign men? Well, aside from the beauty that they possess and the loving aura that they seem to radiate, here is a list of things that should enlighten you about Filipina women and why they make a darn good wife:

  • They’re Faithful

Filipinas are devoted to the man they choose to marry. Because she chose to be with you for the rest of her life, then that’s truly what you’re getting. You won’t have to worry whether or not she’s out there with some other guy while you’re busy working, in reality, she’s in your house and cooking you the best dinner because she knows you’re tired from work.

She’s going to be too busy keeping the house clean, tending the kids, and making sure that you’re pampered when you come home that the thought of cheating won’t even cross her mind.

  • There Isn’t Going to Be A Language Barrier

English is a Filipino’s second language and among all Asians, they’re known to be the most fluent of them all. Although there’s a minority of Filipinos who aren’t very good at speaking it, the majority of them are truly fluent and so the language difference wouldn’t be much of a problem to your relationship.

Besides, if she’s struggling with English then you’re going to struggle with Tagalog too so it’s kind of a common problem for the both of you. Still, Filipinas would try their best to make sure that there won’t be an issue in your relationship and if language has presented itself as such, then be assured that she will make sure that it wouldn’t be in the future because she will do her best to ensure that she knows the language by heart.

  • It’s Not About the Money

This is a common misconception because a lot of people think that a Filipina would only want to marry a foreigner because of their wealth. While Filipinas do aim for prosperity to help their family, they’re also the same as every other ethnicity in this world who’s looking for love. They value love and marriage and could care less about the money you have in your pocket.

  • They’re Serious About the Relationship

Most Filipinas are raised with traditional values which are mostly treasuring a relationship and maintaining the marriage. It’s frowned upon if the marriage ends in divorce in their culture so you’re assured that your wife will make sure that your marriage is happy.

They’re also very family-oriented because of the traditional way they were raised. So, you’re assured that your Filipina wife will take good care of the family that you’re going to create with her and make sure that the kids are tended after and that she’ll also tend after you because that’s simply how they’re wired.

  • She’s A Good Housekeeper

Because she was raised in a traditional way, she knows her way around the house. She’ll cook delicious food for you, you’re going to come home to a clean and well-kept house and to a wife that loves you and did all that out of the pure goodness of her heart because that’s the way she was raised. She saw her mother do that and knows that now that she’s the one with a husband and a house, she should do the same thing and keep an organized and clean house for her husband to come home to.

It’s not a sexist kind of thing for them too if you’re worried about that. It’s simply a part of her upbringing and it’s not something that you could take out of her because you’re worried that society would view it differently.

  • She Knows How to Balance Things

It’s like having everything categorized and put in a very specific box. She knows when she’s supposed to clean the house and perform the other house-related chores, she knows when she’s supposed to bury herself in work and she knows when it’s supposed to be time to focus her attention on you and she knows when she’s supposed to have time for herself. Maybe it’s a Filipina’s superpower.

Still, it’s a really good trait to have because the balance makes everything easier for the both of you and the family that you two are going to make.

In Conclusion…

If you want to find the right love for you and you’ve gotten your heart broken at some point, searching for love isn’t exactly a bad idea. Marrying someone of a different ethnicity isn’t a bad thing. Marrying a Filipina, someone who treasures marriage and the person they marry will evidently become the best decision that you will ever get to make.

So, don’t be afraid to take the risk and know that by marrying a Filipina, you’re simply signing yourself up for the kind of love that endures, understands, cares, and would remain no matter what happened.

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