Youtube’s Most Famous Christian Couples That You May Not Know About

Youtube’s Most Famous Christian Couples That You May Not Know About

TD & Serita Jakes

Thomas Dexter Jakes, more popularly known as T.D. Jakes, along with wife Serita are one of the most famous Christian couples in America. Jakes’ sermons are viewed by over a million people every Sunday! But did you know that aside from his tele-ministry and youtube duties he’s also an author and music producer? His books & songs include Woman, Thou Art Loosed–Healing Wounds From the Past and The Storm Is Over


Remember this guy? His “Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus” youtube video went mega-viral in 2012 with over 33,000,000 views. Since then he’s become an entrepernuer writing books, podcasting, and hosting marriage conferences. Despite becoming internet famous he says GOD still remains his number 1 priority in life! His youtube channel has over 700,000 subscribers and he has appeared on old tube networks such as ABC.

Paul & Morgan Olliges

Paul & Morgan Olliges, known simply as Paul & Morgan, are relatively new to the youtube scene with their channel join date of November 8th 2016. They are a young & hip internet sensation with 76,000 subscribers and over 4,000,000 views offering Christian dating advice to the younger generations. People like their young and fresh style while still sticking to their Christian principles. They’re not afraid to take on controversial issues such as gay marriage and abortion.

Jim & Emily Harmer

Jim is a blogger, photographer, and Youtuber living in Star Idaho. He is YouTube famous for his channel Income School which gives internet entrepreneurs, including yours truly, advice on how to earn an honest living online helping others. The channel he hosts the show with his best friend Ricky with wife Emily also appearing in various videos. The channel has over 42,000 subscribers nearly 2,000,000 views. Jim loves God and it shows in his videos.

Joel & Victoria Osteen

Another famous televangelist Joel Osteen preaches to gargantuan crowds both on and offline. The Joel Osteen channel has over 657,000,000 subscribers and nearly 80,000,000 views! Wow! His wife Victoria is a big part of the YouTuber’s presence often appearing in videos with him. Use The Power of God to Bring Anything Into Your Life.

Jess & Gabriel Conte

These down & under Christian vloggers are world famous thanks to their youtube vlog. They now have nearly 3,000,000 subscribers and over 263,000,000 views. They also have individual channels for his music and her fashion respectively. Their most famous video is “Our Wedding” which is about, you guessed it, their wedding.

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