What Christian Guys Look For in a Girl-It’s Not What You Think

Often times when Christian women wonder what Christian guys look for in a girl they automatically think about the body.  I won’t lie the female body is nice that’s not what most of us Christian guys really look for when we are looking for a suitable wife. Yes being pretty and having a nice body will get guys to notice you but that’s not what makes guys (of any faith) put a ring on it.

Here are some characteristics that Christian guys are looking for in a potential wife.

The truth

Here’s the truth ladies. Men need women in order to be happy. Look at single old women who are taking dancing lessons, growing gardens, and traveling the world. Then look at single old guys who just eat canned tuna and spend all days cursing at the TV. What does that tell you?

Lovingness, kindness, & helpfulness

Men love women that are caring and helpful. The truth is men need women so we’re looking for a woman will be helpful and stand by us when we’re down.  Now that doesn’t mean try to get a man by being a doormat. What it means is guys like to see a girl that is overall helpful and nurturing.

I remember 7 years ago I was over my then girlfriend’s, now wife’s, parent’s house and they had just gotten a puppy. The dog had been playing and had drool all over his mouth.  I saw how she picked up the puppy so lovingly and carefully wiped his mouth clean with her very beautiful feminine hands with a paper towel.  From that day on I knew she was marriage material.

We want a girl that is patient, kind, and helpful. While the yelling loud-mouthed woman may be entertaining to watch on television I guarantee you very few men want a wife that’s going to yell at them and berate them in public.

Christian guys like girls who have a strength of character

I don’t know why some women think that Christian men are all misogynous pigs. We’re not. A woman who can hold her own is quite appealing. We just don’t want a woman who doesn’t know how to let a man be a man. The truth is a female that’s just a pushover and totally dependent on a man isn’t appealing at all. The exception being those guys who just want to dominate and control a woman.

Christian guys like girls who guard their assets

Ladies, I tell you the truth, thirst is never attractive. When Christian men see a scantly clad woman who’s obviously dying for attention we’ll give it to her but it’s not because we want to put a ring on it. Your mom was right; guard your assets and make him earn it.

Be a Sak’s 5th avenue where only those who have earned the privilege may enter, not a Family Dollar that caters to the lowest common denominator. Your body is a temple of God, not a bargain basement store. You are worth so much more than to just be some object for a guy that doesn’t care about you. If you want a good Christian man please dress & behave modestly.

You may not think we know who you’ve been with but trust me we do. I had a female coworker who would always complain that all the guys she talked to wanted to go to bed right away. She said just couldn’t figure out why. It was because we all knew how many guys (a lot) she had been with and sadly she was considered easy.

Trust me if a guy leaves because you wouldn’t give him your body right away it’s because he wasn’t really interested in anything serious in the first place.

Christian guys don’t like girls who try to get them to talk about their feelings

Whether it’s good or it’s bad we guys just don’t like to talk about our feelings that often. It makes us feel uncomfortable and less masculine. I remember my wife got some advice from a happiness guru that told her to get her husband (me) about his feelings for 20 minutes to improve the marriage. He called them “making loving sessions”.

I dreaded every moment of those stupid things! Finally, I told her “if me doing these bs love sessions doesn’t show you how much I love you then nothing will!”.  Seriously I wouldn’t have done those ‘loving us sessions’ for any other human being in the world except her.

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