What is The Best Self Defense Weapon to Keep in a Car?

There are approximately 38,000 car jackings each year in America. That”s why more and more people are asking what’s the best self defense weapon to keep in a car.

The most common targets are:

  1. The elderly
  2. Women alone or with small children
  3. People not paying attention
  4. Someone parked in a dark parking lot or somewhere secluded

In case you may be a target you need to be able protect yourself and your family. A good self defense weapon can keep you from becoming a victim.

Pepper Spray Gun (Check Price)

My first favorite is the tried and true pepper spray but not the old-school canisters! The reason being is those things tend to fall to the bottom of your purse or bag so they’re hard to get to. Plus you have to turn the little cap around and they’re difficult to aim. Most of these situations happen in seconds. You need something that’s ready to go and easy to use.   That’s why I recommend a pepper spray gun. It’s easier to aim and is ready.

Flashlight Baton (Check Price)

A flashlight baton is an expandable flashlight much like the old school maglites but much better. Because it’s expandable they’re much more compact and can be kept more easily in your car. The reason I really like flash light batons is because it’s multi-use. It’s a flashlight plus a baton so you’re more likely to have it around when you need it. Find out more about flashlight batons.

Tactical Pen (Check Price)

This is by far my favorite! It’s a knife, bottle opener, flat-head screw driver, HEX wrench, bottle opener,  LED mini-flashlight, and actual writing pen all into one! Plus the batteries are included. It also fits into your pocket and no one but you would know what it really is! My favorite part? It’s free! I found a limited of time coupon for you guys to get a strike pen for free just pay a shipping charge!

Tactical Flashlight (Check Price)

A small but powerful tactical device to use at night. Don’t be fooled by it’s size. This flashlight packs quite a punch. It can pump out over 300 lumens of Cold White Light and is adjustable with 1100ft. Trust me you wouldn’t want that light in your face and neither would a would be attacker. This can disorient almost any attacker to make him leave you alone. It’s also much more though! It’s a perfect car passenger.

Knife Credit Card (Check Price)

It looks like a credit card it’s actually a knife. What’s so awesome about this EDC personal protection device is that you don’t have to worry about remembering to take it with you. You just have it in your wallet like your driver’s license and other credit cards. Plus anytime you need a knife it’ll be there wherever you are!

Confidence is Key

Most car jackers or any attackers are expecting you to be surprised and scared. A self defense weapon can make you more confident and able to fight back.  Once an attacker sees you’re not an easy target then you’re most likely to end the attack.

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