Why You Shouldn’t Watch (or go on) the People’s Court if You’re a Man

Judge Millian is the first Latina judge to preside over a nationally syndicated court show, and she has been on the air for over 20 years. Impressive, right? Well, not so fast. Is she really a good judge? Or is she just a loud-mouthed, biased, and unfair arbitrator who favors women over men in almost every case? In this article, I will make the case about why you shouldn’t go on or watch The Peoples’ Court if you’re a man.

Exhibit A: When Women take Advantage it’s Funny

When a woman admits that she’s using a man for his money she thinks it’s funny and treats the female litigant with low-key admiration. In the case entitled “Taking a Guy for a Ride” a man was interested in this younger woman that he apparently met in a taxi. He was smitten with this woman and she knew it. She admitted in court that she took advantage of him for his money and Judge Millian’s reaction was to laugh and admire her for the amount of money she got from him. She threw out his case and berated him.

Exhibit B: Even When She Rules in Favor of a Man She Can’t Help but Demean Him

In this case this woman gave a man some money to keep him around. After the relationship went south she tried to play victim and say he took advantage of her claiming the money was a loan. In this case Judge Millian made the right call and called the plaintiff out on her bs and ruled in favor of the defendant. However, she couldn’t help but demean the guy by implying that he’s a whore. She said nothing like that to the woman who was taking advantage of the man.  I challenge anyone to find a case where Judge Millian essentially called a woman a whore on the show.

Exhibit C: She Knows She’s Biased Against Men

In this case, an ex-wife claimed that the ex-husband owes for half of their son’s wedding. This man paid for his kid’s college while the ex-wife contributed nothing and she still had the audacity to sue for $3000 for half the cost of the wedding. The issue was the man didn’t explicitly tell her no he wouldn’t pay and he said to give himthe receipts trying to get her off his back. He also had a divorce decree that he thought said she’d help pay for their college tuition but she didn’t.

I truly felt bad for this man. He’s just not a detail-oriented person (like many men) and it’s clearly bitten him in the behind multiple times. He tries to be a nice guy but guys like him just can’t win because women like this plaintiff take advantage. The least the ex-wife could’ve done was pay for the wedding since he paid for their sons’ college tuition.

You can watch 12:22 to see what I’m talking about.

Exhibit D: When in Doubt Take the Woman’s Side

There are multiple cases you can see where there is any ambiguity that she sides with the woman

In this case, a male artist did a ‘paint party’ and not only did he have to endure sexual harassment but the defendant didn’t even pay him the full amount! However, since they didn’t have a solid contract Millian sided with the woman.

Exhibit F: Watch her Berate a Man for Disagreeing with Her

Now see how patient she is with a female litigant who was far more sassy and disrespectful than that man ever was.

Judge Millian Doesn’t Like Men

She is loud, rude, and biased. She favors women over men in almost every case, even when the evidence is clear. She laughs at men who are taken advantage of by women and insults them for being weak or stupid. She is disrespectful to the male litigants and often cuts them off or ignores their arguments. She is not a fair judge, but a feminist bully.

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